Software Developer, AEC R&D Solutions Expert We're Hiring

Come join North America’s premier timber engineering and construction company in a new department!

StructureCraft specializes in the structural engineering, design, fabrication, and erection of timber structures incorporating steel, glass, concrete, and other materials. We work with clients and architects to create carefully detailed buildings and bridge structures that break new ground in sophistication, craftsmanship, and quality. We thrive on new and challenging design concepts, materials, and construction methods. StructureCraft enjoys pushing the boundaries in complex geometry, digital fabrication, and in material testing and research, and our work in this regard has been recognized internationally, including numerous awards for innovation in timber engineering and construction.

As a vertically integrated engineering and construction company, we have built more than 2 million square feet of mass timber in the last 5 years, and are uniquely positioned to automate the next generation of mass timber structures.

Branch, an end-to-end software platform for engineering, designing, manufacturing, and building the next generation of mass timber structures, provides real-time structural analysis, coordination, cost, and manufacturing feedback to designers and builders during the design process. Built on top of Rhino, an extensible object model is at the core of the platform, enabling seamless synchronization with upstream platforms like Revit and downstream platforms like Tekla. This interoperability will promote rapid adoption of the platform by the ballooning computational design sector.

Having been developed for the past year in stealth mode, we are now building out a development team to take Branch to the next level, with planned development on desktop, mobile, web and VR. The next phase of development includes developing AI/ML capabilities, multi-user Rhino models and integrating Branch with StructureCraft’s 50,000sqft manufacturing workshop and fabrication systems.

Taiyuan Domes | Grid Design
T3 Minneapolis | Minneapolis, MN

What you'll be doing day to day

  • Writing efficient robust solutions for a wide variety of scenarios
  • Storyboarding UI/UX's that are a joy to use
  • Assisting internal Engineering/Drawing Office team with workflow solutions
  • Write unit tests, create documentation and training material.
  • Building an inclusive Dev team
  • Develop & expand on the core software architecture, working closely with a lean dev team
  • Performing Research & Development to keep StructureCraft and yourself at the forefront of the industry
  • Building and maintaining our internal 'Branch' software
  • Joining team members at Hackathons and other AEC events (post-covid)
  • Constantly innovating and improving yourself and others

Position Requirements

  • Experience creating drawings and modelling in a CAD package
  • Familiar with VS and debugging etc
  • A healthy grasp of geometry and mathematics
  • Graduate of an Engineering Design, Drafting Technology Program, or artistic degree
  • Architecture, Engineering or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • 4+ years C# competency.
  • 4+ years Rhino 3D / Grasshopper. Rhinocommon, Rhino.Inside, Rhino.Compute API competency, Grasshopper API knowledge.
  • 3+ years Visual Studio and git experience.
  • Web / frontend experience an asset – WebGL, NodeJS, React etc.

Experience considered a bonus

  • Knowledge of other APIs (Grasshopper, Revit, Tekla)
  • Knowledge of other languages (Python, Js)
  • Experience with BIM software such as Revit, Tekla, hsbCAD, or FEM software
  • Knowledge of various frameworks (Django, Flask, node.js)
  • coding in a team using git/GitHub or similar
  • Knowledge of git-flow useful too
  • Knowledge of BVX/BTL CNC exporting
  • Familiarity with XAML for creating Windows UIs

Are you?

  • An Effective communicator
  • A lover of doing things correctly for your own satisfaction
  • In Love of Open Source and giving back to the coding community
  • Strong willed and able to push back on deadlines and feature creep
  • Fond of building up the team and those around them
  • Often thinking 'There must be a better way' regularly
  • A quick learner able to soak up new technologies and ideas quickly
  • A lover of documentation and ensuring solutions are not only well implemented but well understood by others.
  • Hungry, innovative, and you need to make an impact on the AEC industry.
  • Someone who desires to create software which gives real-time feedback to designers
Development docs, tests, management and code. (API Hidden)

Who will you be working with? You will be working with many of our staff, but reporting to our R&D Product Manager.

This is a permanent full-time position. StructureCraft is headquartered in Abbotsford, BC – this role would be located either at our headquarters or full time remote, with the option of discussing relocation to the Vancouver area post-COVID.

We offer a benefits package that includes 3 weeks vacation, extended medical, life insurance, disability insurance, and a matching RRSP program after 2 years of employment.

Send your application including resume and portfolio in confidence to: careers@structurecraft.com