Benito Juarez Community Academy An Urban Experience Reflexive - Reflection & Extension

Reflection Upon My Entire Urban School Experience


What have you gained from this experience? How has your perspective changed? It is difficult to catalog what I have gained from this experience considering I have gained so much. The most resonating aspect of my visit was teachers' connections with their students. From my observation to my interactions, I developed an understanding of the value in teacher-student connections; students will respond well when a teacher has an appropriate relationship with them. My unfortunate stereotype of urban school students was a majority of them do not have a desire to learn. Having interacted with students, I quickly learned many of them have a passion to pursue a career in "x". I was happily proven wrong on my original perspective of urban students.



What elements of culturally relevant pedagogy can be applied within urban instruction in order to engage students in urban settings? Connect material with their experiences. Specifically, the Pilsen community had an abundance of art, music, and personal expression. By incorporating these features into their learning, teachers may have more success in providing students with meaningful material.

Personal Expression


What will you take from this experience and incorporate into your own philosophy of teaching? Discover a path to reach each student. Treating each student as an individual, taking into consideration their experiences, and understanding their goals can be advantageous in developing a great educational experience.

"Find the right path."

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