Asian Carp Invasive species

The name of the species is the silver carp and the bigheaded carp. there scientific name for the bighead carp is Hypophthalmichthys molitrix. Also the scientific name for the silver carp is Leuciscus molitrix Valenciennes.

These fascinating creatures came from Asia in 1973 brought in by a fish farmer in Arkansas they escaped in the 1980’s from aquaculture facilities. Some details about them are the Bighead Carp is a large narrow fish with eyes that project downwards. Their color of their body is gray. It could also be found in the Missouri River. The Bighead Carp also can have splotches on its body.

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Created with images by LouisvilleUSACE - "Asian Carp in the Wabash River" • USACE HQ - "Sorting the Netted Fish" • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Midwest Region - ""BIG" Big head Carp netted from the Illinois River during filming of the Aqua Kids TV show. USFWS Photo." • lsgcp - "Silver carp 3" • Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee - "School of Jumping Silver Carp"

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