Go Girls The ball's in your court...!

The weather was bitter but this wasn't going to stop Year 3 from throwing themselves into their first experience of competitive Netball. All our girls were involved across three games and it was amazing to watch the ebb and flow as points were scored and conceded.
Shared elation...!
Focus and determination...
One parent did offer me the following observation..."Tim, our girls are being a little too polite - it's your fault because of your assembly messages!" To be fair I knew what he meant as the sporting side of our children is extraordinary...and there were times when our girls almost offered the ball saying 'it's your turn now...!"
Living the moment with mates!
Looking for support...
Waiting for the whistle
All action!
Well done girls - a great start to your season. As Miss Hehir said in assembly this morning "You have come such a long way in such a short space of time...we're proud of you!"

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