Animal Rights in India By Liam Futterman

India has a large portion of its population farming for a living and they have a lot of livestock. Are India's Animal Rights progressive and how do they compare to those of other countries?,d.d24&psig=AFQjCNGeOhJdu8khFD9602tMis6GVeOhpA&ust=1481080023924787

Cruelty In the Circus Industry

Recently 17 Circus animals were rescued from the Rajkamal Circus. They were taken due to malnourishment, neglect, and general cruelty. The Circus also had previously lost its permission from the zoo to use captive animals. The circuses in India and around the world are filled with animals being tortured and starved.

World Animal Day

On World Animal Day the governor of Nagaland spoke at a festival. He spoke to the people of Nagaland specifically but his message reached much further. He inspired hope yet while looking at the realistic side of things. Governor P B Acharya said simply that we must stop treating other creature badly and we need to keep them thriving so future generations are blessed with their presents


India’s Animal Rights are well established and progressive. The PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organizes the movement well and demands respect. They make sure that people who break the laws relating to animal rights meet justice. For example, 4 medical students in India were caught torturing and killing a monkey and the PETA coordinated with the authorities and made sure the students were expelled, arrested and even brought in for psychiatric evaluation. Although the animal rights movement in India is stronger than that of America, there is still cruelty. The circus industry in India still uses captive animals and do not treat them well. Recently 17 animals were rescued from a circus in India and brought to sanctuaries. In India they celebrate World Animal Day, this is not well known at all in America, This really sums up the difference between the animal rights movement in America vs. India.


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