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A new collaboration between Berkshire School, New England Beekeepers, and Dr. James Burritt (University of Wisconsin-Stout)

Devon Thompson ('19), a second-year AMSR student, will lead the surveillance of Ss1 from East Coast Apiaries.

Devon is a three-year Senior, a Prefect in CGR, Founder of the Berkshire School Science Club, and a Co-Captain of the Girls' Varsity Crew Team.

Sepsis in Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) Infected with the bacterium Serratia marcescens Strain Sicaria (Ss1).

Debris collected by Dr. Burch this summer from Old Drone Apiary in Sheffield, MA (Cesar "Skip" Del Vaglio, left). Mites (black specs) can also be tested for harmful microbes that may alter honeybee colony health.

Are you a beekeeper or know one? Email us to participate in the INDES study this year.

aburch@berkshireschool.org or dthompson19@berkshireschool.org
Dr. Burch visited Old Drone Apiaries at Frog Cottage this summer to learn more about Cesar "Skip" Del Vaglio's (pictured above with the thumbs up) colony and the project with Dr. Burritt.

News from Summer Internships

Daniel Tian's Group wins Innovation Award at Wharton School's M&TSI at UPenn

This summer, while attending the Wharton School’s Management & Technology Summer Institute (M&TSI) at the University of Pennsylvania, Daniel Tian (Class of 2019 and a four-year Senior) had the opportunity to further the research he began while part of Berkshire’s Advanced Math/Science Research program. Tian and a team of students at M&TSI created AlzHelp, a device that uses facial recognition technology to help patients recall friends and family when memory fails. The project was so impressive, the team earned the “Innovation Award” at the program finals, an apt and particularly noteworthy accomplishment for a program filled with talented, budding entrepreneurs.

Sherry Yang's ('19) project finds feature in Wired Magazine

Nan (Sherry) Yang ('19) is a four-year Senior, Co-All School President and member of the Jazz Ensemble. She is a two-year member of the AMSR program and has worked on many projects prior to her work with Dr. Mason this summer at Weill Cornell Medical School.
Scroll down for more on Sherry's summer project with Dr. Mason..... :)


Water Bears (Hypsibius dujardini) may be the key to understanding life in extreme environments and on other planets. Image: slate.com

To learn more about the AMSR program, please reach out to Dr. April Burch at aburch@berkshireschool.org

Thanks for checking us out!!! Go Bears!

Berkshire School | 245 North Undermountain Road | Sheffield, MA 01257


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