Twitter and Trump Social media and power

Tweet directed to Donald Trump, president of the United States, from McDonald's done by a hacker

With the newest theatrical trailer of the remake of the movie It, there has been reintroduction to the topic of clowns. Clowns were created to make kids happy during festive celebration, typically birthdays. The clown dresses up and pretends to be something entertaining and goofy, it is quite childish but can be very effective in the right context. For example, at the Hospital for Sick Children, they have a therapeutic clown program in which friendly clowns visit children in their hospital room to give them a bit of laughter during their pain.

How does this relate to Donald Trump? Well, the initial relationship is with the hacking of the McDonalds Twitter to severely mock Donald Trump. It was found that a citizen hacked the account and attacked Donald Trump on his main platform of communication. Using the platform twitter, through McDonalds, the hacker can be certain this tweet will be seen (and retweeted) by millions. Donald Trump is the first president of the United States who takes to twitter to share his thoughts before speaking in front of cameras and reporters, possibly before speaking to anyone. If you heard it from Trump and its on Twitter, it's likely true, unless he is claiming something is, "FAKE NEWS!"

When this hack was announced in the media it was funny to some, upsetting to others. The tweet was deleted very shortly after posted and McDonalds stated that the tweet was done by an unknown hacker. This issue is mostly one of power. For an individual such as Donald Trump, twitter is everything. It is his platform of news and conversation with his followers. For this specific social media post, the issue is power and control since media have a large influence on politics today. However for the topic of "Donald Trump" the list of social lenses to look at is endless; it can include racism, ableism, sexism, fascism, homophobia, the seven sins, and more. It is very hard today, regardless of where you live, to avoid seeing or hearing about Donald Trump. His behaviour is childish and comedic. Many believed that once the election festivities ended, this clown would go home. Now we are living in a terrifying circus where Trump is the ring leader and society is his puppets.

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Emily Williamson


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