Native American By: Kyle SYHARATH

Native American Tragedy

Back then their was people very bad people who only wanted other tribes to be just Christian. In 1887 the Christians kidnapped captured 72 men from the Caddo, Cheyenne, Comanche, and Kiowa Nations, and transported them to Fort Marion. Just to teach them and torture them so they will become Christians.

One of these saviors name is John Collier. He was the one who stopped the tragedy that the Christians did to the Indians. Also remember the Indians didn't want to go to the school they got kidnapped. John Collier thought it was wrong and helped the Indians out soon he helped lower the torturing and killing. He was a legend to the indian kids because he let them have freedom.

As a conclusion it help the Christians that everyone has their own religion. Also they have their own beliefs and they are happy. They were tortured just because they were different and color. Now they live happily and peaceful and doesn't get tortured at school.


Created with images by Sam Howzit - "Native American Statue"

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