Gulliver's Travel


One of Jonathan Swift's most noted works is Gulliver's Travel. Gulliver's Travel is in fact the only work by Swift known to nearly all English readers. Gulliver's Travels is a narrative fiction and a supreme example of the art of storytelling. The satire of Gulliver's Travels concerns society and politics. The travels of Gulliver can be seen by Swift's interest in tales and voyages which were always of his favorite readings. The idea behind Gulliver's Travels, Swift believed, would be to "wonderfully mend the world".

Jonathan Swift


1. Lilliput & Blefuscu

In his first adventure, his ship is destroyed by a storm. He was captured by Lilliputians(very tiny people which are about only 6 inches tall). He makes friends with them and helps them to solve problems and conflicts. The emperor wants him to help them enslave Blefuscudians but he refuses, then he flees to Blefuscu and converts a large ship there then returns home in England.


2. A Voyage to Brobdingnag

On his next travel, Gulliver is captured by a giant farmer and found himself being in a country full of giants. The farmer takes Gulliver on tour across the country, displaying and sells him to the queen. He has a talk with the king and discusses the problems in their own worlds. At the end, he is snatched by an eagle and dropped into the sea, and a passing ship saves him.

Gulliver's tour

3. Laputa, the flying island

Gulliver is setting out again but he is attacked by pirates this time, he is marooned to an island and rescued by a flying island---Laputa. He meets inhabitants which are very interested in mathematics and music, their weird acts and knowledge broaden his horizon. He also travelled to Balnibarbi, Luggnagg, and Glubbdubdrib on this trip. He eventually arrives in Japan and goes back home.

Gulliver discovering Laputa

4. Land of the Houyhnhnms

Gulliver returns to the sea again being a captain.Unfortunately, he is betrayed by the sailors and deposites on an island. He is discovered by a group of ugly human-like creatures(Yahoos) and they attacks him, luckily, he is saved by a Houyhnhnm(looks like horse). Gulliver and his master(the grey) begin a series of discussions and Gulliver has learnt a lots from it. Considering Gulliver is a Yahoo there, he must either live with other Yahoos or return to his own world. At last, he is taken to Lisbon but he is disgusted by standing next to these 'civilized Yahoos' after this weird adventure, maybe he needs some time to fit in this world.

Gulliver and the houyhnhms

Book Review

Message behind

Gulliver's Travel is a classical adventure novel that there is a lot of deeper meanings behind the story. Besides the lively and unique adventure, this story seems to satirize the darkness of the government that time, the author enlarged the ugly sides of humanity and compare them with the good side, and turned them into fascinating characters.


After reading this story, I was blown away. I have never imagined such special and fun characters that Jonathan Swift created. I literally love every single characters in the story, no matter they are good or evil, they just represent humans' good side and bad side, And we should appreciate the strengths that others have, learn from our own faults and avoid making the same mistakes again.

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