Marketing 101 OBEA Spring Conference 2017

Today's Agenda

  • Mad Gab
  • The Pringles Challenge
  • Name that Price
  • Slogan scavenger hunt
  • The Amazing Race

The Pringles Challenge

  • Packaging Unit
  • After discussion about purposes of packaging
  • Have students work in small groups
  • Provide each group with a set of instructions
  • Have each group complete the activity
  • Send the Pringles through the mail
  • Complete scoring once the Pringles arrive

Pricing Policies

  • Handout explaining Pricing Policies
  • Price Tag Activity
  • Quizlet - overview

Slogan Scavenger Hunt

  • QR Code Scavenger Hunt
  • Choose as many slogans as you want
  • 10 is usually enough
  • Print the QR codes - Numbered 1-10
  • Place them around the school
  • Provide Students with a blank chart
  • Have them download a QR Code Reader OR
  • Use a classroom iPad
  • Have students work in pairs
  • Travel around the school to find the slogans
  • Then figure out which business the slogan belongs to
  • Team who finishes first - with most correct answers - gets a prize

The Amazing Race

First Option

  • Community Based Activity
  • Local Businesses/Organizations
  • City Bus or Cabs/Uber

Second Option

  • The Mall
  • Management Group
  • Participating Stores
  • Morning or Afternoon

3rd Option

  • Complete in class
  • Complete in pairs
  • Provide clues
  • Track progress on screen/board

Regardless of which option you choose

  • Real Clues
  • Create Detours/Roadblocks
  • Stagger clues
  • Encourages groups to continue


Created with images by Unsplash - "times square new york broadway" • TeroVesalainen - "mindmap brainstorm idea" • JeepersMedia - "Pringles" • MarkMoz12 - "New Price Red Tag" • EdgeThreeSixty - "Edgethreesixty branding" • urbanists - "The Amazing Race"

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