May 2021 members newsletter


International Viking Day was the grand title for what took place on Campo America, Sunday 2nd, but in real terms it was Scandinavians v Rest of the World, the former clad in red shirts, the latter in blue, at the behest of this month’s organisers, Peter and Kate Bradley. The Vikings boasted a team of 14, some of whom were of dubious qualification, whilst the World squad had 15 and no question marks. Prior to tee off, and in the interest of fairness, it was agreed to ignore the worst score from the ROW team. This report will not reveal the name of the unfortunate participant.

The weather suited the World because there was no snow, ice, freezing rain, or need for skis, so it came as no great surprise that they ultimately won by 490 points to 455. What may not have been expected though were the respective averages of 35 v 32.5 overall. Peter Bradley and Dorothee Schmidt were the stars of the day with 44 and 42 points alone. Excellent scoring but not far ahead of Hugo Verheyen’s and Liisa Lindstrom’s 40 each. Hugo in great form at the moment, and Liisa never far away from very good.

Organiser, Vice Captain, Prize Announcer, and Champeen on the day Peter Bradley.
Best lady on the day, Dorothée Schmidt.

James Reid likes to be different so wore a red top even though playing in the opposite team. Nevertheless he was happy to join the cheerful throng on the steps for the usual ‘winning team’ photograph. Attention might also be drawn to Peter Penney’s mask, as was clearly his aim whilst delaying proceedings as he moved from hardly seen at the rear to pole position in the forefront.

Rest of World team with trophy.
The trophy.
Hand made and proud of it, Peter and his mask.


Rated by many magazines as the best course in the world it was interesting to just learn they have yet to embrace women as members. However, change is now in sight, as indeed it is at Portmarnock. Hard to believe in this diverse and inclusive age?


What with Chelsea reaching the Champions League Final, and the ROW shirts dominating the month’s opening golf scene, Tuesday the 5th on America saw a sector of our membership fighting for the “Blues Championship” and a trophy kindly donated by Iain Macaulay a few seasons ago after front running the whole concept of ‘Help the Aged’ tee positions.

Before we get on to the outcome though mention should be made of the successful off the yellow and red tees who were playing in the usual Tuesday Stableford. None better than Jill Davies whose 42 points saw her 6 clear of Lady Captain Loraine, 8 of Laura Thompson and Marie Wilson. Whatever the latter has been taking during her enforced absence in Switzerland seems to be working pretty well since she got back?

L/r Loraine, Jill.

None better than Jill, we said, but Barry Curran also logged a 42 to finish as the yellow’s alpha male. In arithmetical terms Flavio Papa Quesada’s 38 earned him second place but as he was a Guest, technically, he doesn’t count! That honour goes to David Wilson on a modest 33, a score shared with silent Sietse Gerrits who appears not to read his emails?

Barry Curran.

When Pat Reid returned from working life in the Middle East, renewed residency in Fuengirola, and re-joined the club he had helped to create some 25+ years ago, he was paired with the Scribbler in the Knock-out Doubles. Unfortunately there was no fairy tale ending to this tale, and nor has there been any sign of this duo since, which, considering the number of times Pat has appeared on the weekend prize rostrum, may indicate other preferences on his part? His consistency is enviable and earns him more success than that of thematic strategists. True, his success, and wine stock, is often as part of a team but not this day. 39 points won him the Blue Champion 2021 prize presented by the donor himself who has not been seen so much of late. In Pat’s wake came Roy Davies and Hans Linderborg each with 37.

L/r Winner, Donor.

Pat’s putting technique is rarely seen in others and would suggest indulgence in hurling when younger. Not often do you see the right hand above the left when gripping the club? Proof of his misspent youth comes in the shape of this photograph in which Pat features as part of a trophy winning hurling team. Some years ago let it be added. 46 years to give the game away! Third from the left in the back row his plentiful dark hair may have puzzled members?

Roy Davies, runner up to Pat Reid with 37 points.


Our roving reporter Loraine Murphy has a nice story for us this month.

“When Cameron Bewley Doyle last played at La Cala before Christmas he was off handicap 17.4 but no more.... - he has taken a foot stretch in height - so has grown taller than both Stuart and Arlene - is the proud user of his late papa’s (grandfather’s) clubs and is now playing off 12! His papa’s clubs have served him well as he hit the 9 iron 126 yards and right into the cup of the 11th hole known as “Arnsbrae” at Braehead Golf Club in Tullibody, Clackmannanshire in Scotland!

Cameron, understandably happy young man.

Being stranded in Scotland due to the strict Covid restrictions has not been too bad for Arlene Bewley Doyle either... she played with her brother and won the Open Mixed Pairs at the Club over the May Bank Holiday weekend...

Family success.

There was also a chance for a wee La Cala Members catch up when the Bewley Doyle’s were able to meet up with George and Alison Kirk... looking good guys... although you won’t need the woolly jumpers when you are finally allowed to travel outside of Scotland :)”

L/r Cameron, Stuart, Alison, George.


Is the estimated donkey population of the planet, and about 250 of them live not far away from us in Fuente de Piedra where the charity El Refugio del Burrito is located. Closed to visitors at the moment, because of the restrictions, but well worth a visit, and donation, when they re-open. Mr & Mrs Scribbler support Apache, Jasmin, Toto and Leon for children in the family back home and were fascinated by the 6000 year history of these animals recently published to celebrate


The title for Sunday 9/5 on America had even organiser Peter Bradley somewhat bemused, but if he was responsible for dividing so many married couples into opposing 4-balls his mindset was perhaps not surprising? Fortunately none came to blows and there were some decent scores registered. The individual winners were Monique Peters with 42 points, and Hugo Verheyen on 38.

Guess which?

However, the winning pair were Corinna Dawkins and Hugo Verheyen with 78points

On 75 and in second place came Dorothée Schmidt and Roy Davies.

Earning a prize for third place came Vera van der Veken and Jan Debrauwer with 72.

For reasons unfathomable the support for the day was unusually poor but those who played enjoyed.


No longer a participant makes writing a meaningful report on competitions rather difficult and, to be honest, very frustrating. Fortunately Peter and Kate, like Loraine, do provide a view on what happened, albeit, unlike Loraine, not lengthily. The Medal on Tuesday 11th provoked the following contribution.

“This week’s Medal, played on a fast improving America course, proved difficult for the majority due to the ever-changing wind direction and strength. Four players on net 77, four on net 76, but just squeezed out of third place on handicap was the ever-present Roy Davies. Doing the squeezing was David Evans with net 75, but the wheat was easily separated from the chaff for the top two places. Tied on 69 net were Seppo Jaaskelainen and Geoff Thompson but taking first on handicap was Geoff. As usual, many found the medal format too much for their nerves as 5 men and 4 ladies were DQ.

Geoff, smiling behind his mask.

Scoring wise, it was a similar story with the ladies, Loraine Murphy on 74 but 3 strokes better on 71 were Monique Peters and Corinna Dawkins with Corinna declared the winner on handicap.”

L/r Monique, Corinna, Loraine.

It was good to see Iain Macaulay’s name on the play-list again, a rare sight of late. One hopes it proved an enjoyable decision on his part and that the come back trail beckons. For someone who started playing when a mere youth, and very well at that, it must come hard not to play at all. It’s frustrating enough if you started late in life, said he from experience.


Nobody could possibly have begrudged our Captains the lovely weather they enjoyed on their respective Away Days, both held on Friday 14/5, Santana hosting the Ladies, Torrequebrada the Men. Short events by comparison with day/night trips of old but, by all accounts, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Having put so much effort into the organisation it was great to see Damien and Loraine so well supported, not only in terms of playing numbers but also help generally. In recognition of the teams’ efforts we have agreed to give full coverage of both days. The total story from start to finish. Un-edited reports from both camps. All will be revealed if you click on the link below. Photographs galore but, to emphasise an important point, those of the ladies maskless on the tee at Santana are permissible. Here at LCR they would not be.


Not too surprisingly, after a week full of golf, attendance on America 16/5 was noticeably thin. A pity really because a number of players later expressed the view that 4-clubs-and-a-putter in teams was more enjoyable than when an individual challenge. Peter Bradley’s idea of making it 3 instead of 4 clubs might not have enjoyed the same accolade but, fortunately, was terminated at birth.

The good weather continued, as indeed did the persistently lively wind but, come prize giving time, familiar faces were to the fore again, and happy to be there judging by the masked smiles.

1st 93 points l/r Simon Buddery, Peter Penney (now ‘Artengo’ to his friends), Marie Wilson, Sten Valentin.
2nd 93 points on handicap l/r Richard Hinds, Helena Widegren, Marc De Jonghe, Carla Stoops de Jonghe.
3rd 87 points l/r Erling Johnson, Pat Reid, Damien Murphy, Corinna Dawkins.


Hot from the presses of Hamburg-Walddorfer GC comes news of success for our absent member who, on the 13th to be exact, won the Over 80’s title. The photo shows his understandable exuberance and we offer him congratulations. It cannot be pretended that the field was vast but just competing at that age is an achievement? Winning is the icing on the cake.


Richard Hinds and the Scribbler will be forgiven for celebrating West Ham’s unexpectedly successful soccer season which will see them playing in the Europa League next winter. Dining out on a Thursday evening will be on hold for a few months, please note Wendy and Lilian.


Vice Captain Peter Bradley had this to say in his summary of the Stableford competition played on Tuesday 18/5.

"This Stableford League qualifying competition was played in perfect conditions on the fast improving America course. Since returning to play on the America course on May 2nd following a ten day delay to allow the course to recover from tining of the greens, each time we have played has seen a great improvement. Firstly new growth on the fairways has helped the playing surface and begun to hide the damage done by recent heavy flooding. Secondly the greens are now receptive and we have to find and repair pitch marks. The putting surface has been getting quicker and soon the recent tining will be undetectable.

For the ladies, a break off tie on 36 points put Loraine Murphy in third with Lisa Lindstrom second. Runaway winner was Monique Peters who received a deserved 0.8 cut in handicap with 38 points.

Only the lonely - Loraine.

In the male division, fourth was Hans Lindeborg with 37 points but third place was ultimately given to the ever popular Erling Johnsen, now revelling in his new handicap, after his card was scrutinized and corrected, elevating him from 35 points and 8th to 38 and third! Seemingly always in the frame, Hugo Verheyen was second and the winner Vic Hilliard were also on 38 points”

L/r Erling, Hugo, Vic.


A slight variation on an established theme is noted as “Past” is jettisoned but the main thing is that another perfect day for golf was the setting for the competition held on America Saturday 22/5. Peter Bradley tells the tale.

“The format was “Scramble” with each team being led by a former or current captain. Seven fourballs and two threeballs competed with scoring varying by a full 10 shots from last to first.

Third place with a net 61.3 went to the team of Loraine Murphy, Vera Van der Veken, Helena Widegren and Martin Dawkins who beat the team of Mike Fisher into fourth on handicap. This led to photographic confusion and partially explains why the wrong group appear below!

L/r Karl Haas, Richard Hinds, Verena Haas, Mike Fisher.

Second was the team of Judi Lentelink, David Wilson and secret weapon Corinna Dawkins with net 58.7.

L/r David, Corinna, Judi.

The winners were the team of James Reid, Sten Valentin, Marie Wilson joined by the pressganged Barry Curran who went out again after prize giving to fulfill an earlier commitment to 18 holes! The trophy which is engraved each year with only the winning former captains name, was presented to James by current captain, Damien Murphy.

The full team l/r Sten, James, Marie, Barry.

Special mention was made of second serving former captain Erling Johnson who played, as well as first former captain Iain Macaulay who joined in the festivities”

Yesterday's troupe.


It would seem that the seemingly simple task of identifying your ball has led to misunderstandings and, indeed, penalty points. David Wilson, our Handicap Secretary and Rules Master, has submitted the following advice and invites your attention thereto.


What a wonderful sporting achievement? 50 year old Phil Mickleson led from start to finish in the USPGA and in so doing set all sorts of new golfing records. No need to repeat them here but couldn’t let May’s newsletter ignore his performance. Six majors now. Let’s hope he doesn’t get sucked away by the Saudi millions reputedly on offer.

Phil the Thrill.


Which would any serious drinker prefer? An ancient village pub, choice of ales, buxom bar-maid, log fire in the winter or, heaven forbid, a robot bar, fancy cocktails, bright lights and ultra modern furniture? Bet we know which way David Evans would vote? Not alone either.


“Tuesday’s Individual Stableford competition had the added charisma of being that of deciding the winner of the Paul O’Callaghan Trophy. This meant the welcome return of some old faces to ensure a good field, in these restrictive times, of fifty participants. Conditions were perfect for enjoying golf on greens getting faster daily.

In the men’s division fourth place went to Barry Curran with 36 points, beaten on handicap by Damien Murphy in third and a welcome back Arthur O’ Connor second also on 36. Wishing him and Helena a safe journey back to Sweden the winner was Thomas Widegren on 37.

Damien, Pauline and Barry.

For the ladies, in third was Isabella Rippinger Muller with 37 points, second Lilly Lagerwerf also on 37, but playing her very best golf recently was a convincing winner in Pauline Hilliard with a runaway 40 points, making Pauline this year’s winner of the Paul O’Callaghan Memorial Trophy.

Paul was fond of saying “My ball doesn’t go half as far as it used to, I think it’s these new golf balls, the old ones were much better”

“I’m inclined to agree with him!” Opines Peter Bradley, contributor of the report.



“As the Joan & Peter Stock is a pairs competition there will be no change to the league tables so here you go for May.

With only 8 points separating the top 5 players in the Ladies League... 13 points in the Men's League...and some of the lower winter scores still to come off... there is going to be a lot of movement as the weather improves and we start to see some higher average scores coming in...

There are just 5 dates left to qualify for the Medal Final to be held on Tuesday 26th October - the current qualifiers are:

Message from Felima O'Callaghan

To Captains, Vice Captains, Committee and Members in La Cala,

On behalf of myself and the O'Callaghan family I would like to thank you for organizing and taking part in the memorial trophy competition for Paul. Well done to all the members who played and I know many of you knew Paul. He really enjoyed playing here following his retirement in 2003 and he is still very much missed in our lives. I would love to be in La Cala but due to travel restrictions from Ireland I am unable to be there. Hopefully in the next few months things will change.In the meantime stay safe and enjoy your golf. Thinking of you all.

Love Felima..

"The prize giving on Sunday 30th May is a particularly poignant day as it would have been Paul's birthday.

The competition played on Tuesday 25th May was closely contested but... the final results show that Pauline Hilliard was the overall winner with 40 points.

The top 4 ladies were:

The interesting statistic to note is again due to WHS - Marie Wilson had 36 points and received a -0.4 cut while overall winner Pauline with 40 points... received a +0.5 adjustment!

Congratulations go to Thomas Widegren who shot 37 points to take the first men's position... while newly returned Arthur O'Connor played his first qualifying competition since 15th December... and finishes in 2nd place with 36 points and earns a 0.4 cut... welcome back Arthur!

The top 5 men all earned handicap cuts but lucky Vic Hilliard - manages to receive a +05 adjustment...it just must have been the Hilliards day!“

Our thanks to prolific Loraine for this contribution.


No apologies for drawing attention to CUDECA and our annual fund raising day on Sunday June 6th. All members will have received a comprehensive email from the Captains and Committee and will know what is expected from us all. In case you didn’t receive it, or would like to refresh your memory, the link below will spell out the remarkable story of this wonderful charity and how it needs extra support right now. Remember, while we are playing golf, or doing the shopping, or going out to eat, there are unfortunate souls slowly dying in the Benalmadena hospice where the dedicated staff do everything possible to make their last days as comfortable and bearable as possible. No records are going to be set this year in terms of monies collected but, as the Captains say, please remember the ailing and give generously.

Then, moving from one extreme to another, but looking further ahead, make a note of Saturday July 17th when the aim is “to celebrate the 2020’s by partying like its 1920’s”. The sign up sheet awaits your attention and action. The party animals are already listed. Don’t miss it.

Finally not one date but several, if you are keen! The Mixed InterClub League is a great social competition but to compete you need players and we are a bit short of numbers as this is written. There are six clubs involved and all have reputations for sociability and hospitality so we are not just talking 18 holes here. Get my drift? Talk to Loraine, or Kate, or Monique (artempeters@icloud.com) if you are interested. You don’t have to play in all the matches – but you may come to regret not doing so!


Spread over the last weekend of May, played on America, supported by 40 players, and maintaining an annual tradition begun way back in 1993, this popular competition was blessed with clear blue skies and sunny conditions for most of its duration.

It didn’t actually take place in 2020 but that was because of the Covid Pandemic so we are not counting that year!

To quote the late Peter Stock who, it is claimed, uttered this phrase every time he teed off on the first hole. Peter passed away in 1992 but his wife Joan, a nice but formidable lady of a bygone era, was to remain with us for several more years, always playing a key part in the arrangements for this Trophy gathering which, for many years, occupied a whole week.

It has always been an important fund raiser for our Cudeca support, not least from the betting which taxed everyone’s assessment skills as well as pockets. Merv and Maggie Coombes were the in-house bookies for a long time and were initially responsible for their cryptic comments on the pairings and their chances. Never without humour though. We quote from this year’s list but only in relation to the four pairs leading at the end of Day One. Who were:

1st Net 66 Pauline & Vic Hilliard.

2nd Net 67 Marie & David Wilson.

3rd Net 67 Pat Reid & Barry Curran.

As is the way in the professional world the Hilliards and Wilsons were last out on the Sunday but both pairs fell to the very sharp swords of Monique Peters and Peter Edstrom who needed to be good in a field playing well. A 10 stroke bettering of their Saturday’s 69 did the trick. Indeed only four pairs failed to score better on Sunday than Saturday. The ultimate prize winners were:

1st Net 128 (69 and 59) Monique Peters & Peter Edstrom

2nd Net 130 (66 and 64) Pauline & Vic Hilliard

3rd Net 131 (70 and 61) Laura & Geoff Thompson

4th Net 133 (71 AND 62) Liisa Lindstrom & Seppo Jaaskeleinen

At this point we hand the keyboard to Loraine who, with husband Damien, registered a net 62 on Day 2, which would have won them top spot on the Sunday.

“Day two saw slightly cloudy skies with just a light breeze and these conditions obviously favoured the teams as 14 pairs shot under par rounds – but oh the stories that could be heard of tipped out putts and fluke shots! The WHS also worked its magic with a number of members seeing cuts, including:

Well done to one and all!

To finish out the May Festival all players were invited to tapas and drinks. We look forward to seeing how everyone plays in the Cudeca Cup on June 6th!“


This has been a busy month as far as the newsletter is concerned. As Editor and main Scribbler it would be remiss of me not to give a special word of thanks to Dorothée Schmidt whose role in our production is not always so obvious. Not only does she occasionally have to stand in as picture taker but she is responsible for editing all our photos. Cropping, highlighting, red face removal, and then fitting them into the text and, overall, the Adobe software. All of which takes time and patience. We seldom converse but the emails back and forth must set some sort of record! It is doubtful May’s internet dialogue will be surpassed and, for her part, it just seemed appropriate to say ‘thank you’.