Orio By Teah and Sarah

To begin with our society, we try to make it equal to everyone and not discriminate anyone. We also want our society to be healthy and not too polluted. Many of our rules include exercise and usage of cars to reduce unhealthy air and unhealthy weight. Our community also includes lots if environmental supplies such as trees, coal...

The government makes the laws


If you do something bad once, you are in jail, if you do it twisted, you go to jail for twice as long, and if you do it three times, you get kicked out of our community.
We are democracy but partially dictatorship.
School is from 10:30-3:30
Optional subjects but also with required subjects
Make our community a better place to live
Choices towards more subjects
Everyone must have one kid but no more than four
Same dwelling until the age of 18
4 neighbourhoods for depending in each child
One kid, and job at the store- smallest houses and one story
2 kids and average job as farmer, engineer...
3 kids, higher job or position. This house is also for people with more money.
This house is for people 4 kids, or the highest position, most money, or governments.
Houses depend on money and kids. They are not all the same .
16- blue, 25-purple, 35-red, 45- green, 55- yellow
On the back, there will be id info to prove it is your card, and also with the card number.
Jobs are paid dependent on how hard you work and your position.
Climate control
Customers or employees
Wrist bands to keep teach if excersice.
Doctors have more roles in our society
Enivirnmentalusts take care of our enviornment
It up is always spring, not winter
More walking and biking than use if cars.
There are only dogs, cats, chickens, cows, and some, insects
Technology is make advanced in our society
7 hours a week
Enjoyment is not controlled

Some enjoyment uses are cinemas, malls, sports arenas, amusement parks, parks, or just hanging out with your friends

What is farther away from the city is Lake Orio, chemical valley, and farms.

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