The Thirteenth Tuesday: We Talk About the Perfect Day DREW MYERS

Morrie has chosen to be cremated and arranged for a friend to do it. Morrie is now finding it easy to joke about his body now. He feels so disconnected from it, now that he thinks it's so useless. Morrie later tells Mitch that people are too afraid of death and explains why. Morrie is now starting to have difficulty breathing now and sometimes will cough all night long. Morrie says that last night he had a coughing spell that lasted for so long that he didn't think that he would live through the night. Mitch asks him what he would you do if he had one day left to live healthy, and Morrie said he'd do all the normal things a person would do in a day, starting with a big breakfast and ending with a solid night's sleep. Mitch was disappointed by the answer but he later realizes that that's what life's all about. Morrie asks about Mitch's brother, Peter, who moved to Spain and later diagnosed with cancer. Mitch is heart broken and Morrie assures him that he moved away and doesn't come to visit because he doesn't want to bring his problems down onto Mitch and that overtime their relationship will restore. Morrie tells a story about waves in an ocean. One of the waves is freaking out because he notices that all of them are hitting the shore and then disappearing, but another one of the waves responds that they aren't waves, they're part of the ocean.

An important quote from this chapter is when Morrie says, "Death ends a life, not a relationship" (Albom 174 ).

Morrie teaches us that even though we die and move on, that we aren't forgotten. We are all remembered by people that have cared for you and everyone that you have left yourself inside others hearts. He teaches us that we are always cared for and that we will never be forgotten. That our legacy will keep going forward.

The hibiscus plant is an example of a living thing that leaves nothing behind. Morrie says that we're different, and when we die, we leave a legacy behind in the others hearts that we have touched or have cared for.

Hibiscus Plant


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