Someday, Today Erica Barcena

As a child, I remember watching movies of young adults going away for college and travelling the world. I also hoped that someday that would be me.

Here I am at the age of 22, and I am one week away from the last final exams I will take as an undergrad, and then I will be having my name called out in front of hundreds of people to be able to cross the stage and accept my degree.


I was disappointed at the fact that I would not be moving away to go to college. I had never wanted to be a Titan because I knew that most of the people from my high school went there, and I always thought to myself that I wanted to go somewhere completely new to meet new people. I have always tried to stay optimistic and now that I look back I can say that things do happen for a reason and going to CSUF has opened more doors for me than I could imagine.

Going to CSUF has given me the possibility to pursue a degree and a career in something that I some of my hobbies can be intertwined with. I have always loved going to concerts/shows/festivals, cooking, travelling sports, and taking pictures. Now with a degree in Communications with a concentration in entertainment and tourism I can use my knowledge, experiences, and passion to find something I see myself doing for the rest of my life.

I am always looking onto the next adventure and as I have grown as an individual I have realized that that Someday has become today.

Onto the next adventure

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