Number the Stars Book Diary By Joe


I Think war is Battle and people risking are lives for their country.Also war is people shooting other people and hearing gun shoots and people screaming in horror and people laying in their blood.

In World War II,people in those countries probably felt sad and miserable.Some others probably felt like they should fight back.


I think my neighbors are my Alies and are good not bad and they help out a lot when something is wrong.I also help them out when something is wrong.

If a war was going on and my neighborhood was affected,I would realistically respond by hiding and helping out they neighborhood by finding places to hide.

Number the Stars

I think the Number The Stars is about World War II when Hitler goes around with his army and kills Jewish be get killed for no reason.So the books probably about someone that is a Jew or someone around those countries that Hides from Hitler and his army so she doesn't get killed and a community that comes together.

Literature Analylis

Mama says, " Be one of many." I think that means that you should act like others and to kind of their personality. I think she said that so she can be nicer and to be a little more mature and to not goof of a lot. I also think she sad that because a war going on so she could act more serious about the war.

It would look like them being there for them, to give them stuff to protect themselves with, and to hide them places were its hard for the Germans to find them.

At the end of Chapter 3 Annemarie felt really scared and she frightened.She also felt like an ordinary person that wouldn’t be called upon courage.

At the end of Chapter 5 She felt a little scared that they would take Ellen. She felt the same in chapter 3

The Star of David could be imprinted on her hand because when she ripped it off of Ellen’s neck she put in her hand and then gripped it tight.So the Nazis couldn’t she the Star of David then wonder if something was going on.She also did it because they wanted to keep Ellen safe with them.


We just read that momma took jews to the boat where Uncle Henrik is and we she came back and broke her ankle.So then she went inside and momma found the packet on the stairs that was for Uncle Henrik.Then momma sent Annemarie to go to the boat to give Uncle Henrik the packet and then there was guards in the woods on the way to the boat.Then i predict that the guards dogs are going to smell something and ask Annemarie to take her where she is going and then the jews will get caught.


Man V.s Man

This happened in the book when Annemarie was taking peters packet to Uncle Henrik and the German soldiers stopped her and then they asked her if she was alone. So then the dogs smelled something in her basket with Uncle Henriks lunch in it and so she got mad because the guards took the bread from his lunch and broke it in half and gave it to the dogs.

Annemarie learned to be more careful and to be thankful that they didnt ask her to take her where she was going.

I knew it was that kind of conflict because it was someone making someone else mad and then made her cry.

Man V.s Society

This happened in the book when Peter brought the secret newspapers to mama and papa because it told them what was going on and it was illegal to do that.

Peter learned to do what ever it takes to keep your friends and family safe no matter what would happen.

I know it was that type of conflict because it was illegal to do what he did and he was going against the Germans so it was the resistance against the German soldiers and Hitlers army.

Man V.s Nature

This type of conflict happened in the book when momma was coming home from taking the jews to the boat.Then she tripped over a root from a tree and broke her ankle and Annemarie found her laying on the ground right where the house was.

Momma learned to do what ever it takes to save anyones life even if their in danger.

I know it was that type of conflict because she fell on something in nature so she had to deal with something that was nature.

Man V.s Self

This happened when Annemarie was stopped by the guards and was thinking of what she was going to doand so she was thinking to act like Kirsti or to tell the truth.Then she started acting like Kirsti and at the end she started telling the truth because she didnt know what to say.

Annemarie learned to be brave and to not say a word about things.

I know it was this conflict becuase she was thinking of do one thing but also another thing so she dicide to act like a girl just so she didnt expose anything.


Be brave no matter what the situation is

It mean in my own words is to be confident and to not back out or to so shame of your self because the situation could be that you and a lot of other people are put in prison or worse

at the beginning of the book she was brave when she took Ellen's necklace off and held it tight because if she wasn't brave she could have been caught and captured.At the end she was brave when the guards stopped her in the woods because she could have said yeah i'm taking this to a boat full of jews but she didn't that's how she was brave.

Vocabulary words

Lanky and Stocky

"She was a Stocky ten-year old,unlike lanky Annemarie."(Page 1 )

Based on this sentence, stocky sounds like the word stiff, and lanky sounds like the word loose. These words are describing characters's looks.

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means bulky or thickset.

Suffix: -y, relating to or filled with; Other words: messy, cheesy, lucky


But Annemarie heard Mama and Papa talk,sometimes at night ,about the news they received that way: news of sabotage against the Nazis,bombs hidden and exploded in the factories that produced war materials, and industrial railroad lines damaged so that the goods couldn't be transported(8)

Sabotage means to damage or destroy something on purpose











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