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My journey of essential oils began because of headaches. I have many people in my family, myself included, who continually get migraines and headaches. I was curious to see if there was 'something' out there that could help relieve or even reduce the consistency of them because let's face it - they REALLY suck.

Know you may be thinking,"Chrystal, there are already pills you can take that will help with migraines and headaches" and to that I would say you're right. I am very thankful to live in Canada and have many options of medications that can help but I wanted to see if there was another option. Is there another way to find relief without taking pills all the time?

"There are already pills you can take that will help with migraines and headaches"

I started looking into essential oils and was surprised to find that they have been around for THOUSANDS of years .The ancient Egyptians used essential oils for everything from beauty products to perfumes to medical remedies. The bible references frankincense, myrrh and cedarwood and many other essential oils being used aromatically in offerings. In Greece, Hippocrates studied essential oils and found many medicinal purposes for them. His study brought about the fundamental principle of aromatherapy - 'that essential oils applied externally affect the internal organs and tissues of the body". The most surprising thing I found was that going back 100 years ago, you will find that Lavender was used in World War 1 to help with wounds! They aren't just 'ancient oils' that had their place only a thousand years ago - they are still useful now!

The BIG hurdle however, was who would I buy my oils from

With that kind of track record I figured I would give them a go. What did I have to loose? I soon realized however,that deciding weather to try essential oils was the easy part. The BIG hurdle however, was figuring out who would I buy my oils from -because apparently there are A LOT of companies out there! Should I go with the company that sells them the cheapest? Guarantees the best smell? Has the best blend names? Offers free shipping?

My #1 concern was getting 100% Essential Oils

Turns out, a company can say that they have 100% Essential oils when in reality the bottle contains a little bit of the essential oils and the rest is 'filler(s)'. What?! True story. No Joke. Couldn't make this up if I tried. Many companies will do this in order to keep the cost of their oils down. You can basically end up with a bottle full of polypropylene glycerol (an example of a filler) with a little bit of essential oil. Now, through my search I was able to find companies that will tell you if they use fillers and will even let you know which ones they use. But many companies don't tell you about any part of their process - let alone what is in their 'essential oils'. So, with the simple fact that you can't 'really' test the oils (requires equipment and tools that are WAY too expensive for the average 'Joe') and essential oils are allowed to 'pass' as 'essential oils' even when they aren't it can be a difficult processes finding a company that is LEGIT.

Obviously with all these companies selling 'essential oils' with fillers it means that some people are okay with purchasing oils with fillers. These oils don't offer the best 'results' and may require more to be effective. For myself, when I purchase ‘Rosemary’ (as an essential oil) I want it to contain ‘Rosemary’ and only Rosemary. I don’t want any ‘natural additives’, fillers or anything else in there besides ‘Rosemary’ - call me simplistic.

I am thankful that I can give a 'sigh' of relief knowing that when I purchase Young Living's essential oils I am getting 100% essential oils with no fillers of any kind! Rosemary is 100% Rosemary. Peppermint is 100% Peppermint. Lemon is 100% Lemon.

How can I be so sure?

it's not a slogan, it's our calling

Young Living is the ONLY company that offers SEED TO SEAL. That means they they are apart of every process that leads to you and me getting the oils!


Seeds are selected that will produce the highest quality oils. They will not just plant any seeds in order to produce a higher volume to make more money. They have experts that evaluate the potential of the seeds and only plant the best!

STEP 2: Cultivate

This is probably what intrigued me the most! They actually have their own FARMS that are ALL OVER THE GLOBE! With their co-op farms they have experts who visit often to ensure that they are matching Young Living's high standards. They work hard to continually perfect their growing and harvest methods to bring us the best essential oils. They even understand that when they harvest their plants is essential and they make sure to only harvest each plant when it is the RIGHT time! Oh, AND you can VISIT these farms and see what they do first hand!

Young Living Farms that are around the World

Young Living is recognized as an innovator in essential oils distillation! They are big on gently steaming and extracting their oils to bring about the best result. They don't use heat in order to extract more of the oil - which can drastically effect it's effectiveness and they make sure to distill each oil according to the type of plant. It isn't a 'ONE FIX' answer for all plants.


In order to guarantee their oils, Young Living has their own labs (as well as third party labs) where they test their oils. They have professionals that test their oils to guarantee that the oils exceed international standards and contain the desired level of natural bio-active compounds.

"Young Living never accepts diluted, cut, or adulterated oils"

Ah, the part where we get the oils! The oils are carefully bottled, labeled, and shipped from THEIR warehouse to members worldwide. Again, not a third party that is located 'who knows where'.

Young Living continues to raise the bar in essential oils. They are always looking for new ways to better their processes in order to get us the best that essential oils can offer. I am VERY happy with the oils I have purchased from them and look forward to continuing with Young Living!

I would encourage you to do your own research into essential oils and the companies that provide them. Discover for yourself what the most important factor in selecting which company you will buy from and then ask LOTS of questions. Seriously, LOTS & of questions. Don't be afraid to ask anything!

*As a general 'rule of thumb' if the oils seem cheap it is because they are full of fillers.*

If you are unsure about what kinds of questions to ask here are 5 basic questions that I would recommend :

1. Does the company use fillers (of any kind) in any of their oils?

2.Does the company have their own farms? Are these farms free from chemicals/pesticides?

3. If they don't have their own farms, do they at least visit them periodically to ensure the plants are grown organically and to obtain the highest quality of oils possible?

4. Do they have their own labs to test the quality of their oils?

5. Do they bottle and ship their oils themselves or from a third party.

*As a general 'rule of thumb', if the oils seem cheap it's because they are full of fillers.*

Starting to use essential oils can be exciting or horrible depending on where you get them from. It can be a little 'overwhelming' first but take your time. Choose the company that is best for you and your family and start enjoying the benefits of essential oils!

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