Inside FWISD October 29, 2020

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Last Tax Rate Election Virtual Presentation Set For Tonight | Early Voting Ends Friday: Texas Leads Nation in Early Voting Turnout | FWISD Issues Important Reminders For Employees: Some employees may be entitled to two hours paid leave to vote on Election Day | FWISD Announces Jean Friday For All Employees | FWISD Issues Important Wi-Fi Connectivity Message To Employees | Information About Wi-Fi Maintenance and Shutdown Tonight | FWISD Mails Mini Gold Seal Catalogs To FWISD Students | FWISD Celebrates Campus Principals | Inside FWISD Spotlight: JROTC | 6 FWISD Teachers Recognized As Community Heroes | Educators Encouraged To Spread Word About T3 Pledge | Drive-Through Flu Clinic Set For Saturday: Free Flu Shots Available for FWISD Students | Change The Narrative At The Virtual 2020 Racial Equity Summit III | FWISD Announces Flu Vaccine Clinics For Employees | FWISD Announces Recent Retirees | Food Available At Multiple Sites Through December | Inside FWISD Briefs | Fort Worth ISD SnapshotCommunity Resources | Calendar | View more stories throughout the week on the Inside FWISD Blog

Last Tax Rate Election Virtual Presentation Set For Tonight

Superintendent Kent P. Scribner will present one final Voter-Approval Tax Ratification Election virtual presentation at 6 p.m. today. Click here to RSVP to attend and learn more about the special election on the November 3 ballot.

The TRE, if approved, would generate $66 million in local and state revenue to support:

  • Increased teacher salaries to attract and retain top educators
  • Expanded safety, health, and security on campuses, including more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Chromebooks, hot spots and reliable connectivity to the internet for all students

Learn more about the Voter- Approval Tax Ratification Election by visiting www.fwisd.org/election or watching this video where Dr. Scribner answers essential questions about the election.

Early Voting Ends Friday

Texas Leads Nation in Early Voting Turnout

Early voting for the November 3 joint general and special elections ends Friday, October 30.

Polls are open at most locations from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today and Friday.

During the early voting period, registered voters in Tarrant County may cast ballots at any of the 50 designated early voting locations. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3.

This year’s election is breaking records in early voter turnout.

Texas leads the nation in early voting turnout with more than 8.4 million mail-in and in-person ballots cast through Wednesday, October 28, according to recent media reports. That accounts for nearly 50% of the state’s registered voters, according to the Texas Secretary of State office.

More than 49% of the nearly 1.2 million registered voters in Tarrant County have cast in-person or mail-in ballots, according to the Tarrant County Elections Administration as of Thursday afternoon.

The state not only leads the country in early voter turnout but youth voter turnout (ages 18-29), according to data recently released by Tufts University that compares youth in-person and mail-in early voting 11 days before Election Day in 2020 and 2016. The data indicates that 753,600 Texas youth have voted early.

Last week, Inside FWISD reported that 53.79% of eligible Fort Worth ISD students are eligible voters.

The 2020 ballot in Tarrant County includes U.S. president, congressional and senate; Texas representative, Railroad Commission and judicial; county judicial, sheriff and tax-assessor; city and school races.

Among items on the ballot is the Fort Worth ISD Voter-Approval Tax Ratification Election (TRE). If approved, the TRE will provide funds for:

  • Increased teacher salaries to attract and retain top educators
  • Expanded safety, health, and security on campuses, including more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Chromebooks, hot spots and reliable connectivity to the internet for all students

To learn more about the FWISD Voter- Approval Tax Ratification Election, visit www.fwisd.org/election or join Superintendent Kent Scribner for a 6 p.m. virtual town hall meeting today, October 29. Click here to RSVP to attend.

Visit the Tarrant County elections website for additional voter and election details.

FWISD Issues Important Reminders For Employees

Some employees may be entitled to two hours paid leave to vote on Election Day

Editor's Note: The following message is from the FWISD Office of Legal Services

Dear Colleagues,

Here are two important reminders for the upcoming week.

First, daylight saving time ends on Sunday, November 1, 2020. Make sure to set your clock back one hour and adjust your schedule accordingly!

Second, if you are planning to vote in the upcoming election you may be entitled to up to two hours of paid leave. You are eligible for this leave if:

1. You will be voting on November 3, 2020,* AND

2. Your contracted time does not allow you at least two hours to vote before polls close. For example, administrative staff whose work day ends at 5 p.m. with polling locations closing at 7 p.m. are not eligible for two hours of paid leave because they have at least two hours to vote outside of their scheduled work time. A few other examples:

*Please note: This administrative leave is ONLY available for those planning to vote on November 3, Election Day. If you have already participated in early voting or you are not planning to vote, you are ineligible for two hours of paid leave.

** The start of shift or split allows for at least 2 hours when the polls are still open

Pursuant to Chapter 276 Texas Election Code

FWISD Announces Jean Friday For All Employees

Editor's Note: The following memorandum is from Deputy Superintendent Karen Molinar.

FWISD Issues Important WI-FI CONNECTIVITY Message To Employees

Dear Colleagues:

In the continuation of this “year like no other,” we continue to live and learn when it comes to best practices.

Our latest challenge concerns the transition to virtual instruction and the ease and consistency with which we can access our technology connection.

Here is what we now know: some of the technology supplements that our campus-based educators are using (i.e. routers and Wi-Fi transmitters; devices that use the District Wi-Fi to connect to other remotes or to each other; Google and Alexa devices) are actually hindering our District-wide access to Wi-Fi.

The attached photographs illustrate the devices about which we are talking. All additional technology supplements must be removed immediately.

If you are unsure about an additional piece of equipment utilized by a staff member, it is the responsible of an administrator to gain permission before allowing an employee to utilize the equipment.

Thanks for your immediate communication of this message. If your staff has any questions, please filter them to the principal and ask the principal to call Dr. Becky Navarre at 817-814-3100 or communicate via e-mail to Becky.Navarre@fwisd.org.

Information about Wi-Fi Maintenance and Shutdown Tonight

We are employing a number of strategies to improve the Fort Worth ISD Wi-Fi capacity and performance.

On Thursday, October 29, we will be performing maintenance on the Wi-Fi system from 6 – 9 p.m.

If you are working on location in the District during those hours, you will not have Wi-Fi access. However, if you are connected to the system, there should be no problem.

Thank you for your patience.

FWISD Mails Mini Gold Seal Catalogs To FWISD Students

Approximately 10,000 mini 2021-2022 Gold Seal Programs and Schools of Choice catalogs are appearing in the home mailboxes of Fort Worth ISD fifth and eighth graders this week.

The 31-page booklet, being distributed in English and Spanish, lists Gold Seal Program and School offerings including aviation, cybersecurity, cosmetology, fine arts, STEM, Early College High School, P-TECH (Pathways in Technology) and much more.

“This catalog is your introduction to the exciting educational opportunities our District offers. Fort Worth ISD Gold Seal Programs of Choice and Schools of Choice are designed for your child’s interests, learning style, and college and career goals,” Superintendent Kent P. Scribner writes in the catalog’s opening letter.

Students interested in participating in a Gold Seal Program or School of Choice the 2021-2022 academic year can apply beginning, Friday, November 6. Applications will be accepted through 5 p.m. Friday, December 4.

Gold Seal applicants will be admitted to schools and programs by a computer-generated lottery. Students not selected to their first choice will be placed on a waiting list.

As early as the first week of November, fifth and eighth graders will receive postcards by mail detailing key Gold Seal dates:

  • November 6 – Gold Seal application available
  • November 9-12 – Virtual Gold Seal Open Houses
  • December 4 at 5 p.m. – Application Deadline

For additional Gold Seal information, visit www.fwisd.org/choice.

FWISD Celebrates Campus Principals

October is National Principal’s Month, and the Fort Worth ISD is thankful for and appreciates the hard work of its 335 head and assistant campus leaders.

Observed annually in October, National Principals Month celebrates and recognizes campus leaders for their dedication and impact on student success.

Throughout the month, FWISD campuses and District leaders have celebrated their campus leaders with social media messages and gifts of appreciation.

“FWISD principals are a diverse group of leaders who bring skills and strategies together to support our students. We appreciate their compassion and work ethic as they strive to provide Fort Worth’s children with a high-quality education,” FWISD Superintendent Kent P. Scribner wrote in a recent Twitter post. “FWISD principals have shown great leadership in guiding our teachers and students. You are greatly appreciated.”

In a declaration issued October 1 by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and posted on the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals website, he lauded the state’s principals for the role they play in ensuring children have “access to a high-quality education in a safe and supportive environment.” With the new challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presents, “the leadership of our state’s principals in our schools is more important than ever,” the declaration reads.

“Principals fulfill many roles, both big and small, in our schools and beyond. These educators set the academic tone for their schools by working collaboratively with our invaluable teachers to build high academic standards, set performance goals, and utilize the best practices for achieving those goals,” the declaration reads. “Principals also support the local community, students, and parents and promote a healthy school environment as leaders, communicators, disciplinarians, budget analysis, and makers of policy mandates and initiatives. A principal’s responsibility takes many shapes and forms, and their dedicated work is vital to ensure the success of their students.”

View photos of just a few of the District’s hard-working principals in the Fort Worth ISD Snapshot photo gallery below.

For more National Principals Month information, visit principalsmonth.org.

Inside FWISD Spotlight: JROTC

Editor's Note: Lt. Col. Richard Crossley, FWISD JROTC director, introduces the FWISD JROTC program.

JROTC is the premier nationwide citizenship program devoted to the moral, physical and intellectual training of our young people.

For over a century, the JROTC program has retained its military structure and its ability to motivate ALL student-cadets with a sense of discipline and physical fitness. There is no military obligation incurred by enrollment into a JROTC program.

Here in Fort Worth, “Where the West Begins”, we call that…GRIT! Passion and Perseverance. JROTC promotes and develops within ALL students life skills, critical-thinking skills, leadership skills, community service, and character that will sustain them in an ever-changing world. Rigor, Relevant, Relationships, Results!

Use this QR Code to take the JROTC Survey

6 FWISD Teachers Recognized As Community Heroes

Six Fort Worth ISD educators are among 80 teachers recently recognized by the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation and Acme Brick as Acme Bricks in the Community.

From August 15 to September 1, people were encouraged to nominate heroes who’ve impacted the community during the COVID-19 pandemic for the Bricks in the Community recognition. The honor was part of the Texas Rangers’ recent 30 Games of Giving Campaign, which recognizes teachers, medical professionals and other local heroes.

The FWISD teachers recently recognized as Acme Bricks in the Community are:

  • Ashley Hess, Benbrook Elementary School
  • Catalina Rincon, Waverly Park Elementary School
  • Gloria Palmer, David K. Sellars Elementary School
  • Lucynda Nicholson, Western Hills High School
  • Maria Fernandez, Cesar Chavez Elementary School

“Teachers are unsung heroes and essential to building our children’s futures,” the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation website states. “ We like to think of them as bricks in building our community.”

Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation and Acme Brick committed $40,000 to the Acme Bricks in the Community initiative. Each teacher recognized received $500 gift cards to improve their virtual or in-person classrooms and a brick commemorating the first season at Globe Life Field, according to a recent Texas Rangers news release.

For a complete list of honorees, click here.


The Fort Worth ISD in partnership with Tarrant To & Through (T3) Partnership has launched the T3 Partnership Pledge for students.

All FWISD junior and seniors who take the pledge by February 1, 2021, can gain access to:

1. Last Dollar Tuition-Free Scholarships to Tarrant County College

2. Mentorship, Internship, and Job Shadow Opportunities

3. College Persistence Coaching + Resources

4. Bridge Programming Between High School and Postsecondary Enrollment

District educators are encouraged to share information with students about the T3 Pledge and its benefits. A one-page handout outlining the pledge and the T3 Scholar/Family Handbook is available for educators to share with students and the community.

Additional program benefits are available here. Look for additional resources and information on District and campus social media pages and the T3 website.

The T3 Partnership believes that educators play an integral role in the T3 mission towards equitable access and opportunity for all students. Completing the T3 Partnership Pledge is the first step students must take to receive support from T3 – including a last dollar tuition-free scholarship to Tarrant County College. By taking the pledge, the T3 team will help students build a customized plan focused on life after high school. We want to provide you with the resources and information to not just help your students graduate but realize the potential of their future through postsecondary education and training. Click here for a brief slide deck that gives more detail and we look forward to connecting in an upcoming information session. Register below for more information (30 minute commitment):

SESSION 2 @ 10/29 - 4:30-5 p.m. - - https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAof-CtrjwjHtOiUCXLuLDAcX-8Zf-J4DzZ

Drive-Through Flu Clinic Set For Saturday

Free Flu Shots Available for FWISD Students

Fort Worth ISD students can receive a free flu shot without leaving the car.

The Fort Worth ISD Bilingual/ ESL Department is hosting a drive-through flu vaccine event from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, October 31 at the Billingsley Field House, 1400 Foch St. in Fort Worth. Free pediatric flu shots are available for uninsured and underinsured Fort Worth ISD students under age 18.

The vaccines, made available by the University of North Texas Health Science Center, are first come, first serve. Flu shot registration, appointments and student ID are not required.

Snacks and giveaways will also be available at the event. Families will be provided with free books and information from local agencies such as the City of Fort Worth, JPS Health Network and other community partners.

The 2020 drive-through event replaces the department’s annual Family Health Celebration due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like past events, the drive-through flu clinic promotes health and wellbeing in the community.

COVID-19 social distancing procedures will be observed.

Organizers for the drive-through flu vaccine clinic say that families are encouraged to attend because health is essential to a student’s academic achievement.

For more details, call the FWISD Student Placement Center at 817-815-7700.


Register today and make plans to attend Fort Worth ISD’s virtual “Racial Equity Summit III—Changing the Narrative” this November.

Sponsored by FWISD’s Division of Equity and Excellence, Racial Equity Summit III opens Saturday, November 7 via Zoom with virtual breakout sessions offered daily through November 13. The weeklong event is free and offers District students, staff, parents and community members thought-provoking discussions on race and equity.

Originally scheduled in spring 2020 before a sold-out audience, the summit was postponed because of building closures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The summit -- now virtual -- begins at 8:30 a.m. November 7 with a student panel discussing personal experiences on race. The opening session also features the Como Elementary Dance Team, the District Executive Leadership Team (DELT) participating in an Equity Walk highlighting why it engages in this practice and a Dance Challenge in which attendees will be invited to participate.

One-hour breakout sessions will take place twice each day, November 9-13 at noon and 6 p.m. Topics slated for the breakout sessions include:

  • The History of Race
  • Activating the Community
  • The Role of Power Structures in Systemic Racism
  • Intersectionality of Social and Racial Identity

Sherry Breed, FWISD Equity and Excellence chief, said this much-anticipated event that is now going virtual gives participants “a space to continue to deepen your knowledge about race and engage in conversation with thought partners about race and hear perspectives from many different Racial Equity Leaders.”

“In this time of much social unrest and inequities, we want to embrace the conversation about race and bring multiple perspectives together. It is our hope that the FWISD Community will become more informed and be moved to continue the conversation in their personal sphere of influence,” Mrs. Breed said. “Each of us must begin our racial equity journey by exploring our own biases. These biases may enter our work as it relates to expectations of all students and their academic success. Awareness of racial inequities is the first step in 'Changing the Narrative.'”

FLEX hour credits will be granted to educators participating in the summit after sessions are completed and participation reports are tabulated.

Register and find more Racial Equity Summit III details here.


Passport Health/Staying Healthy Medical Services will be providing on-site vaccination clinics for Fort Worth ISD this fall for all eligible employees and their eligible immediate family members. A schedule of clinic locations and times is listed below.

To sign up for a clinic please visit: https://www.passageware.com/ClinicSignUp/FWISD/. Any questions regarding insurance should be directed to Passport Health at 469-241-1954.

If you have questions about this communication (excluding insurance information), please reach out to the Health Services Department at 817-814-2990.

They are able to accept the following insurances:

  • All TRS plans offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield – covered at 100%
  • Aetna*
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield*
  • Cigna*
  • Humana
  • United Health Care
  • Medicare Part B (Flu shots only - also, please provide a copy of any supplement plans)

They do not accept HMO plans other than BCBS Primary, Primary+ and Scott & White.

*They are unable to accept Aetna & Blue Cross Gold, Silver & Bronze plans and Cigna Local Plus. Please see the consent forms for other known exceptions of plans that do not cover vaccines at 100%.

The following vaccines will be available:

On the date of your vaccinations, you must bring a photo copy of both your insurance card and your driver’s license to receive your vaccinations at no charge. Electronic cards cannot be accepted. Cash or a check made out to Staying Healthy Medical Services are also acceptable.

When you enroll online, a confirmation page will be displayed. Follow the link to print the consent form for vaccinations. Only one consent form is needed for all vaccinations. The B12 shot will require a separate form. If you have questions about any particular vaccination, please see the onsite nurse on the day of the clinic.

The new Shingles vaccine (Shingrix) will be available at this clinic for employees (age 50-64) that register for it. Please note that this vaccine is known to cause more frequent local reactions than other routine immunizations and cannot be given to anyone younger than 50 years old.

Individuals age 65 and over can only receive the flu shot, no other vaccines, if using insurance. Age appropriate vaccines can be administered to those 65 and over that are paying out of pocket for the vaccine.

If you received routine vaccinations from Staying Healthy Medical Services, other than flu, in previous years and need a copy of your records, please email them at info@stayinghealthymedical.com. In the email you will need to include your name and birthdate. Depending on the carrier, insurance claims may be filed as Community Health and Immunization Services or Staying Healthy Medical Services.

If you have questions (excluding insurance information) about this communication, please reach out to the Health Services Department at 817-814-2990.

Flu Vaccine Clinics - Schedule

FWISD Announces Recent Retirees

The following are Fort Worth ISD employees that have recently retired, according to Human Capital Management:

1. Johnniestine Jamison, pre-kindergarten teacher’s assistant 1, Van Zandt-Guinn Elementary School- 20 years

2. Curley Thomas, bus attendant, Transportation- 18 years


Multiple organizations across Fort Worth are offering food to help families through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since March, the Fort Worth ISD has partnered with multiple organizations to share information and organize food distribution events for families.

Curbside Meals-To-Go breakfast and lunch service is available at 28 designated FWISD locations for FWISD virtual learners. Twice weekly on Monday and Thursday mornings, FWISD students participating in virtual learning may pick up a combination of breakfast and lunch meals at any of the 28 designated meal pickup sites. For more information, contact the FWISD Child Nutrition Department at 817-814-3500.

Food is available at these locations throughout December 2020:

Food Distribution

1. Monday and Wednesday, Times vary

YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth Grab and Go Meals

Multiple Locations

The YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth is serving free meals to youth 18 and under at multiple branch locations. Learn more here.

2. Monday through Friday

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County

Curbside individually packaged meals and snacks are available for free to children ages 18 and younger while supplies last at Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County branch locations. Weekly at home learn resources will also be distributed with each meal. Other meal distribution options are also available.

Click here or contact LaToyia Greyer at LGreyer@bgcgtc.org for more information.

3. Friday, October 30, 8-11 a.m.

Herman Clark Stadium

5201 CA Roberson Blvd.

Fort Worth ISD is partnering with Tarrant Area Food Bank to host a Mega Mobile Market food distribution event. Approximately 1,000 boxes of nonperishable food will be provided to families on a first-come, first-served basis. Each family will receive 100 pounds of high-quality produce, meat dairy and groceries.

4. Friday, November 6, 8-11 a.m.

Herman Clark Stadium

5201 CA Roberson Blvd.

Fort Worth ISD is partnering with Tarrant Area Food Bank to host a Mega Mobile Market food distribution event. Approximately 1,000 boxes of nonperishable food will be provided to families on a first-come, first-served basis. Each family will receive 100 pounds of high-quality produce, meat dairy and groceries.

5. Friday, November 13, 8-11 a.m.

Herman Clark Stadium

5201 CA Roberson Blvd.

Fort Worth ISD is partnering with Tarrant Area Food Bank to host a Mega Mobile Market food distribution event. Approximately 1,000 boxes of nonperishable food will be provided to families on a first-come, first-served basis. Each family will receive 100 pounds of high-quality produce, meat dairy and groceries.

6. Friday, November 20, 8-11 a.m.

Herman Clark Stadium

5201 CA Roberson Blvd.

Fort Worth ISD is partnering with Tarrant Area Food Bank to host a Mega Mobile Market food distribution event. Approximately 1,000 boxes of nonperishable food will be provided to families on a first-come, first-served basis. Each family will receive 100 pounds of high-quality produce, meat dairy and groceries.

7. Saturday, November 21, 2020, 8-10 a.m.

St. Peter & St. Paul Anglican Church

3900 Morris Lane, Arlington

Everyone is welcome to the Tarrant Area Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry event.

8. Friday, November 27, 8-11 a.m.

Herman Clark Stadium

5201 CA Roberson Blvd.

Fort Worth ISD is partnering with Tarrant Area Food Bank to host a Mega Mobile Market food distribution event. Approximately 1,000 boxes of nonperishable food will be provided to families on a first-come, first-served basis. Each family will receive 100 pounds of high-quality produce, meat dairy and groceries.

9. Saturday, December 19, 2020, 8-10 a.m.

St. Peter & St. Paul Anglican Church

3900 Morris Lane, Arlington

Everyone is welcome to the Tarrant Area Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry event.

For the complete Tarrant Area Mobile Food Pantry Schedule, visit https://www.tafb.org/wp-content/uploads/mobile/mobile-pantry-schedule.pdf. Need food delivered? Call 817-534-0814 to speak with a live representative about how to access nutritious food.

Other food resources are also available:


EDITOR'S NOTE: Inside FWISD Briefs are quick-hit stories of activities and events happening locally and nationally.

Free rides for early voting and on Election Day

The following content is from Trinity Metro

Throughout early voting and on Tuesday, Nov. 3, Tarrant County voters will be able to catch free rides to the polls on Trinity Metro and other transit providers.

Riders can show their voter registration card or current Texas ID and ride for free during early voting Oct. 13-30 and on Election Day, Nov. 3.

The Tarrant County Commissioners Court approved a partnership with transportation services in Tarrant County to pay for customer trips to voting locations, with an amount not to exceed $20,000.

“We are trying to give every eligible voter in Tarrant County the ability to vote in the November 2020 election,” Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley said. “We are offering free rides on as many public transit providers as possible, including accessible services for the elderly and mobility-impaired as well as on-demand service in Arlington and Fort Worth. These rides will be available during early voting and on Election Day.”

Wayne Gensler, vice president and chief operating officer for bus and paratransit at Trinity Metro, said he is pleased for the opportunity this partnership provides.

“Voting is an important right and we want to do our part to help voters get to the polls,” Gensler said. “We appreciate the Tarrant County Commissioners Court for funding this initiative.”

The transit services included in the program are Trinity Metro’s bus routes, Near Southside ZIPZONE, Crowley ZIPZONE, Mercantile ZIPZONE, ACCESS paratransit, plus Tarrant County Transportation Services (TCTS), Northeast Transportation Services (NETS), and Arlington’s Via and Handitran. For ZIPZONE riders in Crowley, Mercantile and Near Southside, free rides will be determined by the pickup’s or destination’s proximity to a voting location.

Trinity Metro is also offering free on-demand service from Fort Worth Central Station to the drop-off ballot location in northeast Fort Worth on Tuesdays (Oct. 13, 20, 27) and Fridays (Oct. 16, 23, 30) during early voting. Riders can request this option by calling customer care at 817-215-8600 before the close of business the day prior to the ride.

Tarrant County has multiple locations for early voting and a list of locations for Election Day. Visit the list of polling places served by Trinity Metro.

Those who qualify and want to ride to vote on ACCESS, TCTS, NETS or Handitran should call the provider at least 48 hours ahead of the trip to schedule their free ride to any of the voting locations.

To use Via’s on-demand service in Arlington, riders simply download Via’s app and enter the address of a Vote Center within Via’s service area or call 817-784-7382 to schedule a ride by phone. The rider will not be charged for trips scheduled to or from a vote center location.

For questions about Trinity Metro’s services, call 817-215-8600.

Coyote Drive-In Screens Debut Film By Southwest HS Alumna

No Ordinary Love, the debut feature film of Southwest High School alumna Chyna Robinson has garnered a lot of local media buzz within recent weeks.

To recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Fort Worth’s Coyote Drive-In was the site to two screenings of the 99-minute thriller, October 24 and 25. All proceeds benefitted SAFEHAVEN of Tarrant County.

Filmed mostly in Fort Worth, No Ordinary Love premiered in 2019 at a Memphis film festival. The film examines multiple facets of abusive relationships through the stories of two women married to manipulative husbands.

Since it premiere, Mrs. Robinson’s film has picked up multiple awards at U.S. and international film festivals including Audience Choice, Best Feature Film and Best Director.

For more details about Mrs. Robinson and the film, visit NoOrdinaryLoveMovie.com.

Red Ribbon Week: Fort Worth ISD schools are celebrating Red Ribbon Week with themed an dress up school days. Red Ribbon week is observed nationwide October 23-30. Established in the 1980s, Red Ribbon Week educates and encourages youth to participate in drug-free activities.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Multiple FWISD schools are wearing pink to raise awareness about breast cancer this month. Breast cancer Awareness Month is observed nationally in October.

In-person instruction: Over the last several weeks, FWISD has welcomed students back to classrooms for in-person instruction following seven months of closure because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are a few images from the first few weeks on in-person classes across the District.

National Principal's Month: October is National Principals Month. To celebrate our campus leaders this month and on National Boss Day October 16, schools celebrated principals on their social media pages, with messages and gifts of appreciation.

HCM Hosts Drive-Through Information Fair Events: FWISD Human Capital Management hosted drive-through Information Fair events, October 12 and 20. At the events, prospective employees received virtual interview guidance and FWISD promotional materials. Hiring managers answered questions and explained how to participate in virtual interviews. Prospective applicants could also register for a virtual interview at the Informational Fair.

Cloth Mask Distribution:Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School partnered with the Ford Company and Ford Fund to earlier this month distribute 50,000 masks to the community in a curbside event. Each family received approximately 20 cloth masks branded with the Ford logo. Masks were also distributed at M.H. Moore Elementary and Meacham Middle School (see below). 

Clifford Davis ES Receives More Than 40 New Laptops: Christ Lifters Community of Faith, Abundant Grace, Tree of Life, Bill and Sherry Cotton and Ervay Trotter recently donated 44 laptops to Clifford Davis Elementary students.

Water Bottles Donated to H.V. Helbing ES: Mr. Darryl Jones of State Farm recently donated 500 water bottles to H.V. Helbing Elementary students.

Atmos Energy Donates Water Bottles To South Hills ES: ATMOS ENERGY recently donated water bottles for students at South Hills Elementary. The donation was delivered by District 8 Board of Education Trustee Anael Luebanos.

Personal Supply Bags Donated to DHJ Soccer Players: The Tarrant Regional Water District and Tarrant County 911 recently donated personal supply bags to the soccer team at Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School.

XPO Logistics Makes Donates Supplies For Cesar Chavez ES Students: XPO Logistics recently welcomed students at Cesar Chavez Elementary School with backpacks, water bottles, hand sanitizer and supplies. 

Western Hills ES Backpack distribution: A special thank you to Restoration Center West Fort Worth which recently gifted backpacks and supplies to students at Western Hills Elementary School.

Local Groups donate to DeZavala ES: Fort Worth Children's Partnership and Celebration Community Church recently donated tablets and school supplies to students at DeZavala Elementary School.

Tablets donated to Morningside ES' Youngest Learners: Fort Worth Children's Partnership recently donated one-to-one tablets to Pre-Kindergarten 3 students and an additional 20 tablets for Pre-K4 and kindergarten students. 


Extended COVID-19 Coverage

No-cost COVID-19 Testing

Wear A Mask

CDC Tips on Properly Wearing A Cloth Mask

CDC Issues Halloween Safety Guidelines

FWISD Partners With Virtual Care For Kids To Offer Students Telehealth Services

In efforts to reduce COVID-19 spread, the Fort Worth ISD has partnered with Virtual Care for Kids to offer students and their families telehealth services.

Students can see a Texas-based pediatrician within minutes from home virtually via computer, smartphone or tablet for urgent care services including minor colds, the flu, sore throat, cough, ear concerns, headaches, sinus or allergy issues or pink eye. Additionally, Virtual Care for Kids is offering coronavirus screening and testing in English and Spanish. Visit https://urgentcarekids.com/fwisd/ to register for services.

Employee Assistance Program Resources for FWISD Employees

FinPath Offers FWISD Employees Tips For Managing Finances During Pandemic

FinPath, an employer-paid workplace benefit, is offering Fort Worth ISD employees financial wellness tips, coaching and resources for weathering the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched by the District last year, FinPath offers employees tips for managing finances and much more.

Not using FinPath yet? Click here to activate your account.

For more details on FinPath, visit the FWISD Employee Benefits Portal and click on the Financial Wellness tab.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Follow COVID-19 updates from the City of Fort Worth at fortworthtexas.gov/COVID-19/

Early voting, October 13-30

Red Ribbon Week, October 23-31

Fort Worth ISD Voter Approval TRE Zoom Town Hall, October 29

T-TESS Orientation for New Teachers, October 29

Family Literacy Day, November 1

Election Day, November 3

State of Public Education, November 5

FWISD Accepts Gold Seal Applications, November 6-December 4

Racial Equity Summit III- November 7-13

Gold Seal Virtual Open House events, November 9-12

Registration for January 15 Youth Mental Health First Aid Training Ends, December 16

Registration for January 23 Youth Mental Health First Aid Training Ends, December 23

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Created with images by Jennifer Griffin - "Chicago artist Mac Blackout's new mural encouraging Americans to get out and vote in the upcoming election. " • Praveen kumar Mathivanan - "Connectivity " • Sven Scheuermeier - "Fresh Vegetable Produce" • Adeolu Eletu - "Businessman opening a paper"