Stimulus Search your BegiNnings!

Stimulus is a search engine that simplifies your journey in finding grants.

You just have to put in the search area what you need and you get your perfect fit.

The meaning of the logo.

Our logo is a tree with the stimulus name as the leaves. Stimulus means to begin feeling, and when you have a great that means you are starting something big and new. A tree symbolizes growth which is the theme of our campaign and prosperity is shown through the color green. We believe that stimulus is a perfect representation of growth, starting and prosperity.

Our slogan

Our slogan is "Search Your Beginnings". Stimulus is a search engine for grants. We used that information to make it. Grants are for when someone needs money for starting a company, campaign or other, so it is like a beginning. When you use stimulus you are searching for a way to start.

Target market

Our target market is ages 18-55 of the middle and upper class. We believe that anyone who has the ambition to want to start any can especially with help!

Budget plan!

#startyourstimulus campaign!

Our marketing compaign is called "Start Your Stimulus". The theme is to start or take the first step, which is what stimulus helps you do. You will see with our different forms of advertisements we use these theme. We want to encourage people to make the initiative to begin want they drawn if doing. 

The Press Release!

Our social media!

Instagram link:

Our billboard will be on the Schuylkill express way, due to a lot of traffic and volume.

The commercial will be shown on Fox Business channel, due to how it matches with who can benefit from Stimulus.

Thank You!


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