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Crystals have their own unique energies which balance our own.

They also work on our vital energy system comprised of meridians, chakras and aura. It is through these energy pathways, centres and fields that crystal healing acts.

For Empaths, crystals play a special role because they carry properties which can dispel negativity. These are great to combine with essential oils, for more oomph.

We can even partner them up with oils, our chakras and Angels.

In this section, I’ve listed the crystals an empath needs in their life!

If you are a bookworm, I recommend grabbing some of Phillip Permutt’s crystal books.



Pulls in the aura and stabilises our thoughts

Grounds negative energies that manifest as stress and calms the nerves


Inspires courage and confidence

Shields the wearer from negative energy and protects the physical, etheric and emotional bodies

Protects the aura


Dispels negative thought patterns

Helps to destroy the build up of illusionary paranoia and strengthens the will

Can assist with the healing of mental disorders

More uses for Black Tourmaline:

  • Place it with a quartz cluster to create amplified shield around a space, door, or window
  • Wear it over your heart chakra to help protect your energy
  • Keep it on an alter or with your oracle cards to keep their energy pure and clear


Can take negativity and ground it

Does not hold onto any negative energy

Alerts us when self protection is needed, allowing us to place barriers before an attack

Black Obsidian

Repels sorcery

Psychic attack and ill-wishing

A wonderful grounding stone that keeps unwanted energies from invading your personal space and aura

It’s associated with the base chakra.


Removes emotional blockages that may occur from stressful situations

Absorbs the negative feelings you may be holding inside

Brings calm and emotional balance

It’s associated with the heart chakra

Malachite - also helps to remove emotional blockages that may occur from stressful situations. It also can absorb the negative feelings you may be holding inside. Brings calm and emotional balance. It’s associated with the heart chakra (be careful, this crystal is powerful and shouldn’t be used everyday)


Amethyst is the stone of spiritual protection. Not only does it help to calm and focus an overactive mind, but it also helps empaths follow their intuition.

This way they can better discern which feelings are theirs and which ones are not. Discernment is essential for an empath.

Holding an amethyst can instantly make you feel calmer and protects you from negative energies. It also balances a space by bringing both a positive energy and a sense of calm.

It’s associated with the crown chakra.

Keeping out bad vibes

Smokey Quartz + Blue Kyanite + Jet

Wear this combination if you’re empathic or sensitive to negative energy (including fear, shock, trauma, worry in response to catastrophic events, mass violence, etc.) that exists in our collective unconscious


As Empaths and Highly Sensitive People we are not only sensitive to the emotions (Energy in Motion) of others but sensitive to all forms of energy. It’s the vibration of the energy around us that can uplift us or drag us down.

We must consider the energy of electromagnetic frequencies as well. We can sense the heaviness of the energy around cities with all the wi-fi stations and the thousands of mobile phones in use.

Shungite’s other awesome properties are that it counteracts the harmful effects of EMF’s by transforming the radiation into biocompatible elements and has amazing grounding abilities.

Shungite absorbs negative energy, helping us to deal with the emotional energy in our environment easier. Along with its ability to support our immune and nervous system, Shungite helps to keep us grounded which is one of the most important ways we can support ourselves as Empaths.

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