Emily Mossey's Portfolio Creative Writing Period 1

Art Fundamentals Finished Projects:

Color and Pattern Mashup

Magazine Cut-Out Illustration

Animal Eye

Short Story Unit Writing:

Fractured Fairytale: Altered Snow White

Once upon a time in a cozy forest, lived a maiden with skin as white as snow, hair as black as ebony and lips red like cherries. She lived near a small village but resided in the woods still everyone knew her. She was thought to be the “fairest of them all”. She loved everything the world had to offer and in return she was loved by everything except for one person. She was related to the ruler of the land, the Evil Queen. Snow White didn’t know but the Queen was jealous of her beauty. The Queen was also very skilled in her magic potions and formulas, but she wasn’t the best at it. She had begun her magic one year ago and practiced every day and night to conjure up many positions just to solve her jealousyOne day she tried to change her appearance and it went very smoothly, transforming her into a withered old women. Because she didn’t have it fully down, the spell was permanent keeping her wretched for the rest of her life.She also conjured up a recipe to make anything poisonous. She chose a perfect apple for the disguise of the poison. The pleasing round apple structure was perfect to show the contrast of something perfect being so deadly. The Queen bagan her trek to Snow White's cabin and shortly after arrived with the apple at hand. She knocked on the door and continued to persuade Snow until she agreed and handed her the apple. The present of misfortune was given to Snow White, the fairest of all. By eliminating her competition for most beautiful, the queen would reign the most fair of all. Because of the disguise, Snow didn’t recognize her relative. The women offered the apple, and because Snow didn’t want to upset her accepted the apple. The women told her to take bite claiming the apple was to “die for”. Snow proceeded to take a bite, and the taste was remarkable. Minutes passed and the Queen was wondering why her apple spell wasn't working. Snow thanked the women for the apple and proceeded to whistle while she worked. Because the Queen was so envious and a beginner to her magic skills, the poison failed and the apple was never poisonous. The queen returned to her castle furiously and attempted the potion again. She grabbed another apple and tested it for herself. The poison spell had just worked instantly causing the Queen to become weak as she fell to the ground dying before the magic mirror, asking one last time "who is the fairest of them all?"

Short Story: Sacrifice

Everyday was just like the one before. Nothing ever changed in our Aztec village. The men of the village would go out to fish in the creek provided by the everlasting water fall, and the women would head to the fields to collect crops for their families. Children would run around the temples and play with the animals roaming around the village keepers. I was heading over to Desana’s hut, the one at the top of the hill always glowing from the light of the sun behind it, in just the right angle. Everyone was pretty quiet today. After all, it was the selection of the sacrifice. Every year, our village of Tesinthanna gives a sacrifice to the gods. No one knows why we do it, but I've been lucky I haven't been selected out of the 17 years I've been living. I'm more nervous than ever, my younger sister was just born last year and still she has to throw her rock in the pit, giving her the chance to be sacrificed. That's not humane in the least bit. I’ve never liked these rules at all, I mean who likes to see someone they've grown up with thrown into a pit of fire. I don't believe in the gods. It's a deep secret I've always had. If the leader Tehati ever found out, they wouldn't even need sacrifice day. They'd throw me in no question.I had climbed the hill leading to Desana’s hut, and knocked on the side of the open doorway. Desana greeted me in the kitchen and invited me in. She was preparing her favorite meal, turkey stew with corns and beans. The smell filling the house reminded me of my childhood days. The way she made it was better than my mother, which is hard to do since my mom is a specified cook in the village. Desana was quick to finish making the stew and offered me a bowl. I accepted, anything can happen today that could make this be my last meal. Me and Desana headed to the weapon shop to get some spears to sneak out and grab ourselves a rabbit for dinner before the ceremony. We saw Seniki at the weapon hut, and seeing Desana blush while talking to him made me so happy to be her friend. She was too pure to be sacrificed, at least if she was picked. In past years elders can sacrifice themselves, which is a great justice to save the young ones in the village like ourselves. Only problem is that the selfless ones have already sacrificed themselves, leaving us with the selfish elders who just want to wither away with our ancestors peacefully. I mean, that’s how everyone wants to die, peacefully, and not being thrown into a scorching pit of fire. The sacrifice eats me up inside, knowing all the people who constantly have to die each year to please the gods. We grabbed the bow and a dozen arrows each, saying goodbye to Seniki and heading off to the woods.“You totally like him” I said to her as we were passing the creek. Blushing she responded“No I don't. We’ve been friends since we were infants. Besides, It’s not me who should be trying to find a guy. That's your business” she fought back.“I'm sorry my parents are so pushy into me finding someone.”“Well maybe you should be less...you know...picky.”I rolled my eyes and started to look around in logs for the unlucky rabbit.“Are you...nervous for today?” Desana said. She sounded terrified like she already knew what would come. I had never heard her so serious. It made me start to wonder about everything.“Of course I am, I'm always terrified. You never know what can happen” I responded back sincerely. Desana hugged me, the most thoughtful thing she couldhave done in that moment. We hugged for a while, every second meaning more than the last."I couldn't imagine having a world without you Sasha.”After we had returned from the woods, rabbit at hand we headed back to my hut. The village was preparing for the sacrifice as the day was slowly passing by bringing in darker skies. The torches were being lit up in unison, each temple lighting up one by one. The final stretch of day disappearing right before our eyes. We made it back to my hut and Desana began preparing the rabbit for dinner. Cutting the rabbit ever so gently with a sharpened stone. She tossed on seasonings and placed it above the smoky pit of fire outside the hut. One hour till the ceremony and the emotions were gradually increasing, as one of our village members is having their last meal. As a family we sat down, Desana basically a relative to us. Then, we began discussing memories as if we were leaving forever, and prayed for the gods to spare us another year. Finishing our meals, we finished our last preparations for the ceremony. The horn from the conch echoes throughout the village. The threatening sound it produced, like a death call. It was time. Each family filed out of their humble living spaces, heading for the “death temple”, waiting for one’s unlucky fate.The night sky empty, the stars even hiding from the terror. I began to climb the temple with everyone else surrounding me. The pounding drums surrounding mimicking my heartbeat as it seemingly bursts out of my chest. Every year, the same feeling of complete shock and terror running through my body. Each step brought someone closer to death and I was praying it wasn't me. I finally reached the hundredth step leading to a flat surface right below the sky. Torches lined the four corners of the sacrifice temple. I began feeling dizzy. The torches closing in on me like the fire engulfing in what I think must be like being sacrificed. The thought of watching the fire melting off your skin like the clay I use to make pots. The smoke of the fire switching with the oxygen in my lungs, filling them with black debris. The soul leaves to “wonderlust” as they say, and the body is given to the gods. It's a living nightmare someone is experiencing tonight. Everyone in the community stands with shaky legs as the ceremony begins. Four warriors take a torch from each corner and join the flames together in the pit. The inferno of fire lights up to the sky getting the Gods ready for the sacrifice. Each person has a designated gemstone that we all must place in the choosing bowl. Tehati used the conch one last time as he announced.“We welcome you all here tonight for the sacrifice. One triumphant member of our community will be honored as we sacrifice them to the gods tonight. As you know, each year I must tell you why we sacrifice. We sacrifice to offer the gods a gift for a good year in food, health, crops and well being of our community, which comes at a price we must pay every year.”I don't believe any of it. Nothing. It's not fair. It’s not like the misery brought to the person and family is going to benefit the crops or the animals. It's nature and nature can fix the problems. We've had bad years in the past, but still someone is sacrificed for no reason there. It's not the satisfaction of the gods we need, it's the power and happiness of the people.“Now that you know a little bit about our sacrifice, it’s time.”Tehati walked over to selection bowl, selected a gemstone and announced it for all animals or people to hear for miles.“Amethyst!”My heart was relieved when I didn't hear the word Jade being announced, knowing that was my gemstone. I looked around for the unlucky person and I saw Desana staring at the gemstone in Tehati’s hand. I was terrified of what happened and I tried to figure out if it was her mom’s gem or her brothers but then I remembered something she told me last year. Let's hope this year they don't choose my gem...amethyst. My heart sank and tears began to fall down my ghostly face. I looked at Desana and she was hugging her family for the last time. She looked out at me and I raced toward her and we embraced in a final hug. Both crying, wondering why this had to happen.“You don't deserve this, I'm going to stop this” I said.“No you can’t. There is nothing you can do about it.” Our words were choppy, sobbing with each breath.“I'm gonna miss you Sasha” were her final words as she let go of our embrace and headed toward the scorching fire. Tehati took her hand, placed a corn husk crown with trembling beads upon her head, and sent her one last prayer. She turned around with tears still streaming down her face, and in one swift movement later turned toward the flames. It was hard to think that it would be the last time I would see her face of innocence. The guards were sparking the flames higher and the shadow of Desana was all I could see at this point. The bang of the drums counting till the third bang. One drum, and all the childhood memories I've had with Desana flash in a split second. Second drum, and the sheer personality of her brings me to tears as I know, seconds away it will be the last time I see her. A pause, and then the third drum as she steps into the inferno, her shadow being engulfed by flames, too pure to fight back. Desana, was gone.

It took a while for me to regain strength, and by a “while”, I mean two months of not leaving my hut...at all. I could of have been mistaken as being sacrificed as I didn’t make contact anyone in my village. I fell into a deep depression hard to get out of, basically digging myself a grave. It took a lot of convincing from my mom to get me out of my hut for the first time. She advised me to go for a walk by the river, and i'll admit it I enjoyed the fresh air I hadn't gotten in awhile. I walked past Seniki and we talked for a little bit. He was explaining how he was scared about me being locked in my hut and never coming out again. He walked with me to the river and we just sat by it looking at the graceful flow of the water.“I'm just still in awe. I would have never expected it” Seniki said.“I just feel so guilty, like I was supposed to do something to stop it. I'd do anything to bring her back” I responded.“Hey, if at anytime you want to talk about this you can just meet me at the weapon shop. I basically live there” Seniki said hoping to lighten the mood.“Yeah, I'd like that” I smiled and waved as he left me alone by the river fed by the waterfall. I needed the peace, just to straighten out my thoughts. I looked into the water, spotting my reflection and just letting out a big breath of air. I shed a tear that fell straight into the water, washing away with the current I saw my reflection begin to turn into Desana and I thought I was losing it. She looked just as sad as I felt. I began to feel like she was actually there and it made me furious. I hit the water with all my force watching as my reflection was suddenly distorted from the ripples. I looked up and an elder of our village was watching me across the river. I went over to greet her and apologize for what she had just seen.“I'm sorry you had to see that” I apologized to her.“Don't worry about it, we all have those days. You seem very distressed, is everything alright?” She politely asked.“Yeah I guess. I've just been thinking about someone lately” I responded back sheepishly.“You were the girl who lost her best friend at this years sacrifice ceremony” She said and I connected the dots to shake my head in approval.“Oh...I'm so sorry for your loss” she said to hopefully change the mood. Then, immediately she grabbed me and pulled me into waterfall. There was always a certain curiosity for waterfalls when I was younger and what secrets they held. She sat me down on the ground once we had made it past the rushing waters and made it to land in a big cave lit by the outside sun reflections.“Ok listen. There is a deep secret in this village. I'm the oldest in the village and I have seen many sacrifices. None of them have done anything for our village. Sacrifices are pointless as they haven't stopped nature from reeking havoc on us. We still had sacrifices those years when we had a drought and a plague. Sacrifices do nothing. Now I've never told anyone this, and so have the people who passed this secret down. There is a place where our land reaches the heavens at the top of a mountain there is a ledge. This is the gate to wonderlust. Wonderlust is where all the spirits of our villages reside after our first life. This is where I presume your friends is now. The reason I know this is because I was sacrificed when I was seven. The reason I am still alive is the sacrifice my brother made for me. He sacrificed himself at Wonderlust for the exchange of my soul. You can go there Sasha. You can get your friend back.“But I have to sacrifice myself? What will my family do?” I thought.“That is a choice you must make for yourself. Another secret, what was your friend’s favorite thing to do?” She asked.“We both loved to fish” I responded confused.“Perfect. That makes sense.” She said“What? What makes sense?” I asked.“That reflection you saw of your friend was her reaching out to you. She was sad to see you so upset. If you ever need to see her again, just look into the closest water source you can. You can reach her there and she can give you direction as she walked to Wonderlust for an eternity of peace. Now go Sasha, bring back your friend.”I had planned to go later that night, preparing a satchel with some food and some weaponry to defend against anything. I didn’t tell my family. I thought it would be best to keep it a secret that Desana would have to tell them. That I had sacrificed myself to bring her back to life. As soon as the moon hit the middle of the sky I crept out of my hut. I said my final goodbyes to my family in their dreams. I raced down the hill and made it to edge of our village. I grabbed a torch and finally head on my way. I didn’t know how far my journey would be, but I knew it would be my last. I continued till sunset and made a pit stop near a large jungle tree. I had to adjust to the unfamiliar noises I had never heard from my village. It always seemed like eyes were always watching my every move. I began to look around for coconut trees of some sort but to no avail I couldn’t find any. I wanted a rest because I had just been walking for hours on end. Nothing looked familiar anymore and my mind began to play tricks on me. I sat down and began to search for materials to make arrows with. All I needed were feathers for the tips. Only a miracle could bless me with a...how in the world. A turkey had just walked onto the path and I pulled out an arrow and shot at it. Ill skip the gruesome part but I killed it, managed to eat it and made ten more arrows with the leftovers feathers. It was a nice pit stop to prepare me for the many more days I needed to walk. I continued on, making my own path through the rolling hills and looking at marvelous views. I reached the top of one very tall mountain, and when I looked around I can see my entire village and the sun setting across the horizon. I wondered what my family was thinking. Did they miss me? Did they find out I was gone? I decided I best find shelter before dark, so I walked down the mountain to a clearing where I could set up camp for a night. After all I needed the rest, my feet were tired and I hadn't slept in a while, so it was the best thing I could do.I woke up early again, setting the fire out and collecting my stuff for the long journey still ahead of me. I was beginning to lose faith, thinking I was going in the wrong direction, thinking it was all worth nothing, and wondering what my family was thinking right now. The ideas I had started to go away as I began feeling dehydrated. It was high noon and I was searching for a pond, river, where I was really lucky, a lake. I stumbled upon a pond where I looked into the water, gathered some of it up in my hollowed out coconut and took a refreshing sip. After a while, I had the eerie feeling that someone was watching me. That someone was following me. I pushed away the thought and I took a nap tired of my traveling, thinking it was only an animal that I was not used to in my village. When I woke from a nap, the sun was just beginning to fall and it put me in a panic as I had not prepared myself for the dark and I had not gotten prepared for dinner. I frantically started a fire and toke out my bow and arrow to catch something before bed. As I went deeper into the tree line, the sun started to go away and I couldn't tell if it was how deep I was in the forest or if the sun had completely set on me. As I was going deeper into the forest, the noises grew louder and I began to freak out over the noises. I was hoping it could be my next meal, if it popped it's head out for me to shoot at it. All of a sudden, a bunny was completely in my view, and I raised up my bow to shoot at it. I let go of the tight pull on the string and saw the arrow go right past the bunny into the brush behind it. I took another shoot at the bunny and hit it right where I needed it to make sure the process was not inhuman. I went to go collect my kill when suddenly a figure stepped out right before me. I was so startled I reached for an arrow to defend myself against this stranger.“Wait! Please don't shoot” he responded to my quick actions.“I come in peace, don't worry. I saw someone shoot an arrow and I went to go give it back to...I'm assuming you, arrow girl.” He said."Well thank you for your kind gesture, but I was just trying to fetch myself a meal before the sun was to set” I responded back, still keeping the wall up.“Do you walk alone?” He said.“Yes I do, and I don't mean to disturb you in any way”“No, no at all. It's actually refreshing. I haven't talked to anyone but myself in years”“You talk to yourself?” I questioned him with a giggle.“ As a matter a fact I do, it sucks to be lonely” he fought back.“I have experience of being lonely” I responded.“Oh really?” He said slyly.“Yeah...as a matter of fact I do” I responded.“What's your name?” He asked me.“Sasha”“Well Sasha, I'm Kepatu I want to get to know this loneliness you've experienced. How about...we have dinner tonight. I can cook up some nice stew that can go perfectly with that rabbit if yours” he said.“Yeah, I’d like that” I responded.I grabbed the rabbit and followed Kepatu to wherever he was staying. When we arrived at his place it was nice and cozy. He had built his own little hut and had a nice glowing fire just in time for the falling sun.“Here” I said as I handed him the rabbit.“Thanks” he replied.I watched as he took the rabbit from my hand and began to prepare it. The glow from the fire illuminating his face, enhancing the more profound structures.“So Sasha, what makes your loneliness so different from mine?” He asked.“Well to tell you the truth, I wasn't always lonely. I had a best friend, her name was Desana, you would have liked her. She was kind and adventurous and charismatic towards everyone in my village. Well, two months ago we had our yearly sacrifice and she was chosen. I've been so lost without her and that's why I'm on this mission.”“What mission?” He asked intrigued by my story.“A mission to bring her back. You see, there is this place called wonderlust where our land meets the heavens. There, I can trade my soul for hers and she can live in my place. I just believe that over anyone in our village, she deserves to still be alive.”“Well, you are one of the most heroic and brave person I have ever met” he responded. “It's refreshing to have such nice people like you on our planet” he finished off.“Well, thank you.” I said as we watched the rabbit stew slowly turn to a boil in the night.When I woke up it was high morning and birds everywhere were chirping greeting in the new day. I sat up as I couldn't remember when I fell asleep. I looked around for Kepatu and he wasn’t around the camp so I pushed it aside. I began to pack up my things, throwing them in my satchel. I stood up and looked down to where I was sleeping and noticed a hollowed out rock with the rabbit stew I missed out on last night. I took a sip of it, the temperature never really bothered me, it just had to be cooked. The soup tasted exactly the way Desana made it and it began to remind me of what the elder told me the other day. I began to look around for any type of water source. I noticed a small drop near the camp and assumed it would be water and it turned to be correct. I sat near it and began to look at my reflection as it slowly turned into Desana. She showed me where I needed to travel to reach wonderlust. She looked concerned, I knew she saw what I was up to and turned her head away from me. I began to cry because I never want to see her sad, but I knew this was the right thing to do.“Woah, are you okay?” Kepatu asked.“Yeah...I'm fine” I said wiping away my tears with my arm.“What were you doing?” Kepatu questioned.“Nothing, actually, I was just on my way” I replied.“Just like that? You're leaving?” He asked.“Yes, yes I am. Thank you for the stew you kept for me, and the nice camp ground you offered me. It was all really good. So thank you. Now, I must be on my way.” I responded back still wiping away tears.“Hey, wait! Could I come with you along the journey? I mean, if not that's totally okay but there is dangerous territory coming up and it would be hard for just one person to go,” he finally said.“I mean, you would be great to bring Desana back to my village. She may get lost or try to undo what I'm doing for her and I can’t have that. You just have to promise that,” I replied.“Of course, whatever you need” He finished.The noon sun was beginning to make me dreary and tired. I usually like the colder temperatures, its when I feel the most alive. The new climate was much warmer than anything in my village as the ground began to dry and most muddy areas marked the places where ponds used to thrive. Some bones of the animals who couldn't make it in the past heat lay on the ground, the skeletons marking a desert stretching for miles. Kepatu decided it would be best if we waited until dark to continue the walk as our feet had been blistered by the sun's rays against the ground. As we watched the sun fall passed the dunes of the desert, I got to know where Kepatu came from.“What's your story” I asked him politely.“Well to tell you, I haven't had a real home my entire life. The only memory I can recollect is one day I was with my parents. They were dancing with me in our village, their images are blurry and I can't remember their faces well. Anyway, the last time I saw them, was when I was being sent away. I was raised by a family who was killed with the plague. That's why I had to leave them. I was the only one who didn't have the plague. I was always with the fellow people who were blessed to not have the plague and as we continued the weak began to fell. It was me and a women. She became my mother figure as she raised me to what I've become. She passed away four years ago when I was fourteen. After that, I began to live by myself as no one would shelter me. That's how I was made into the person I am today,” he said.“Wow...I'm sorry about that, about everything” I replied.“There's nothing to be sorry about, it has nothing to do with you. You asked for my story, and that was it” Kepatu said“It's nice getting to know you, you've made my trip much more enjoyable” I said.“Glad to know I'm making someone happy” he replied.Over the course of a couple months of travel, me and Kepatu’s relationship grew stronger. We shared some of the best moments together like being chased by a flock of angry turkeys, saving me from falling off a cliff and defending ourselves against crazy protectors of the hidden village we accidentally stumbled upon. We would always have a meal, or starve together when we couldn't catch anything. All was in peace.“Kepatu, I don't think I've ever met anyone like you...at all. You are what I've always dreamed the perfect boyfriend could be, it's too bad it won't last forever” I said.“No, it can last forever. Even if one may be in some other past world, we can still see each other in the strongest elements and we can watch over each other. Making sure each one is safe from any danger the future may have” he replied.As the sun set, we kissed and watched the painted sky turn to night and we gazed at the stars for hours till we both fell asleep. Every night was greeted with the next morning where we would wake up next to each other, working together as a team to wonderlust. I loved those days, they were filled with such happiness and such optimism for the future. We were in love.Those two months with Kepatu were some of the best weeks of my life, being so happy and forgetting any troubles. I wish those days returned. In the reflection of Desana from the past few days, I had seen her grow more distant making me think that I was getting closer to wonderlust. When we arrived, the cliff was picture perfect. Crystal blue skies touching the aqua green grass refreshed from the clouds magical power. Me and Kepatu climbed up to the tops of the cliffs and looked above to all the fallen ancestors of our time. All the ancient Aztec rulers, civilians and some treasured animals were roaming around looking free in the twinkling, northern light like sky. As the moon reflected against the clouds the gleamed like diamonds truly showing remarkable the sight was to see. I saw Desana’s spirit walking up towards the blue wave of light separating us. The spirit world was facing the real world face on and it was between the two of us. I put my hand up to hers, inches apart yet our hearts were together. I had walked for months trying to bring her back and this was finally time to bring back the rightful person. She had never deserved to die."Ok, it's time” I said so the gods would here me. Desana was lowered onto the ground of the real world, still being guarded by the bubble of the spirit world and waiting for the sacrifice that would bring life back to her body that was taken away. The clouds hollowed as they prepared me to fall into the grasp of the air and to trade my life for her. I held out my arms, preparing for an everlasting peace.“Please, take care of Desana” I said with tears going down my face, rewinding all the many memories I had made with Kepatu. I couldn't let it get to me though. This was my mission from the start and I couldn't give it up after all of this. I turned to Desana, still being guarded looking away from my sacrifice that I chose to happen. I stepped to the edge of the cliff, and began to fall forward, memories of my life flashing before me. All of a sudden, I was stopped. I didn't know whether I had arrived already or something was stopping me. Kepatu was holding onto my hand refusing me to go, but I couldn't let this ruin my mission.“No, you are not doing this” he said."Yes, yes I am. This is what I came here to do and this is what I need to do. I will miss you very much. Let my family know that. Let everyone know how much I cared about everyone in that village” I said with tears streaming down my face.“No, I can't let you do that. You see...ever since you came into my life you've changed me as a person. You made me feel loved, something I haven't felt in a long time. You made me happy again and I know I will never be alone again knowing that you loved me. I love you too Sasha. And this is why I'm doing this for you. You don't deserve to die because you are worth more than anything in this universe and all I want for you is happiness and peace that I will always give you. You can find me in the stars, the fire or the sun, but let me always give you warmth in a time of need and never forget me. Continue life knowing who I was and what we shared. I'll miss you. Goodbye Sasha” he said as he pulled away from me and leapt into the clouds. With that he was gone. Kepatu had sacrificed himself for me and I couldn't do anything to save him. As I turned around, still crying from my devastating loss I saw Desana regaining strength to her bones and limbs as she began to walk towards me. I ran towards her and we shared a magical moment as we hugged like we had never got to before. Desana and I returned to the village three months later showing how powerful we were by fighting through everything we had been through. We never had a rough time and I believe that was because Kepatu was still looking down on me. My unfinished business was still in front of me. Tehati needed to be stopped and I Was determined to end his rule and the sacrifices that were useless. I would go on to wait till the next year's sacrifice, where I manipulated a guard with Desana and put in Tehati’s rock for sacrifice. When the time came, he was chosen and thrown into the fire just like many people before him. The people of the village rewarded me of my strength and named me leader of my village for my brave actions, and I have been ruling ever since. There have been no more sacrifices and all has been good in terms of health and crop production. Desana and Seniki went on to be married and with the success of my village, I knew that it was all work of Kepatu. I always watch the stars at night to remember him and the magical months I spent with him. And just like that, everything was peaceful as it never changed in our Aztec village.

Conflict Writing: The Selected

What I'm about to tell you might scare you. Who knows, it may intrigue you but what am I to judge. My life has never been the same since the incident. It's weird to think about it, thinking if that really happened to me but I can’t change the past and what not. “They” changed my life. Yes, “They”. That’s what we refer to them as now. “They” and “Them”. We never got a name of their species, but its to much to explain to really understand, so we refer to the as “Them”. Anyway, this was my story. My name is Bridget Heathers, and I am one of the selected.

I had a normal life, living by myself in Texas. I never really cared about being away from family until now, anything can happen and you won’t have anyone as close as a family bond to help you like I needed help that night. But I was special so nobody could help me...or see what I saw that night except for me. I never wanted to be selected, but that’s fate for you. It started when my friend Amber who I met at college had invited me over to her house for a little gathering. When I showed up, the small gathering turned into a full blast party. I really wasn’t in the mood to socialize that night, but a few drinks later things switched around and I was dancing till my feet began to give out on me. I'm a light drinker so two drinks can really play a part on my view of reality. I decided to get out of the room while the sun was setting and I was on the porch, taking a breather. I took a short glance at the painted sky and something was reflecting against the rays of the sun. Who would have known that seeing that flying reflecting metal changed my life. I thought it was only a airplane coincidently going over the sunset, thinking what a pretty sight that may be. The reflection glared right at me, practically blinding me. I thought I was losing it after my two drinks but this was far different. I went back inside to call Amber out to show her this crazy phenomenon. As she stumbled out in the porch, I pointed out this orb in the sky and she couldn't see it. No matter how I tried to approach it, she couldn't see it. My ears began to ring louder and louder to a deafening pitch. I couldn't hear my own screams. Amber called the ambulance, as she thought I was going insane. The party had stopped as the ambulance sirens were growing louder and louder coming up the hill. The ringing was slowly

going away letting me hear the sirens. When the medics arrived, they strapped me on a stretcher so I couldn't move from my place. Here’s where I start to lose my memory, and my mind. Amber was telling me how I was gripping my ears shouting “NO” repeatedly. All I remember from the rest is that I couldn't hear anymore, and the my touch and sight were slowly going away. I thought I was dying, and I couldn't fight it. Thats where my perspective cut out. As the medics shut the door, they shut down my body and nothing from the rest of the night I could remember. When the ambulance arrived to the hospital they immediately called Amber.

“Hello, is this Amber? We are calling to see if you saw your friend possibly jumped out of the ambulance when we were at your house picking her up?”

“Yes this is her, what do you mean she jumped out of the ambulance on her way there?”

“Well we wanted to ask because she isn't in the back of the ambulance.”

“There are no signs of her disappearance?” Amber responded back frantically.

“Nothing, her straps are still intact. The doors were locked and everything...Your friend vanished.” Amber didn’t respond as she raced to her car to drive down to the hospital. They were right. I was gone.


1) I believe these pieces of art and writing show my more creative and imaginative side which I do believe is my best trait and talent. I chose these so that the reader could experience something new and that they haven't felt or heard of before

2) Creative Writing has been a very fun class to be apart of. Being able to use my creativity and imagination in such different ways is being exciting and I cant wait for more ahead. When I begun I was full of ideas and those ideas branched into more ideas to where I am now. I don't like specific narrowed down rule by rule writing. I enjoy letting the writing take me. He course can be stressful as I take on big projects that are hard to do in the short time span but I try to balance. All in all the class is very fun and I cant wait for what's ahead.

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