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American Revolution

American Revolution (1775-1783)

This is who the American Revolution was between
  • The American Revolution started in 1775
  • The groups that were included in the Revolution were The Thirteen Colonies, The Patriots, French, America, and Great Britain.
  • The Revolution started for many reasons. Some of the reasons were from the Treaty of Paris, the Quebec Act, many colonies getting mad to pay taxes, not being able to occupy lands in the west.
  • One of the biggest reasons was the Treaty of Paris.
  • When this treaty was signed in 1763 the ministry in Great Britain made a new policy.
  • That policy was focused on the The Thirteen Colonies, they had to pay more taxes for their needs. They had to pay for molasses and sugar.
  • This increased the amount they had to pay in their taxes. Which was also one of the reasons the had Revolution started.
  • This event led to many consequences. In good and bad ways.
  • As the Revolution went on Loyalists were known as traitors. They faced torture, imprisonment, exile and sometimes even death.
  • Some of the Loyalists escaped and about 50,000 of them came to Canada.
  • The American Revolution led to America's Independence.
  • The Revolution ended in 1783

We should care about the care about the American Revolution in Canadian History because after Great Britain and the Thirteen Colonies ended the Revolution, it led to America's Independence and America became it's own country.


The Treaty of Paris
  • Treaty of Paris was signed on February 10,1763.
  • The Treaty of Paris was the treaty that ended the Seven Years War
  • Seven Years War started from struggles with the fur trading business.
  • It also started because France and Britain tried to expand their empires across North America
  • Groups that were involved were the French, British, Iroquois, Algonquin, Quebec
  • Important people were Marquis de Montcalm, and General James Wolfie
  • Marquis de Montcalm was a French soldier known best as the commander of the forces for North America
  • Consequences in this event:
  • France gave Canada to Britain, The British soldiers captured Quebec and Montreal
  • Also while the 7 years wars was taking place it turned the First Nations tribes against each other

We should care about the Treaty of Paris in Canadian History because the Treaty of Paris ended the 7 years war. The 7 years war is also a very significant event that took place back then and it's important knowing that the Treaty of Paris ended it.

War of 1812

WAR OF 1812 (1812-1814)

The Red stars represent the battle sites
  • The War of 1812 started on June 18, 1812
  • One of the causes of the war of 1812 were that the Britain were seizing U.S. trading vessels to prevent them from trading in Europe
  • Other causes were that the War Hawks demanded war and of the "Chesapeake Affair"
  • The "Chesapeake Affair" was a naval engagement that happened on June 22, 1807
  • The Affair was between the British Warship and the American Frigate, the British attacked and boarded the American Frigate
  • The War Hawks called war between Britain and France because of what Britain was doing to the U.S. and France (seizing their trading vessels)
  • Another one of the causes was when Napoleon Bonaparte became the First Consul
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was a French Military and political leader
  • Important people in the War of 1812 were Laura Secord (Loyalist)
  • Laura Secord is actually very important
  • She learned the plans for a surprise attack by the American army
  • Then she ran 20 miles to warn the British army about the surprise attack
  • If she hadn't told the British army the Americans would have have more control over the Niagara Penisuala
  • Later on the Treaty of Ghent was signed to end the War of 1812
  • The war ended on December 24, 1814

We should care about the War of 1812 in Canadian History because if Laura Secord hadn't told the British army about the surprise attack by the American army, America would have had more control over Niagara. Now that Canada has control over Niagara it's one of the many places people go to visit to when they come to Canada for the beauty of it.

Niagara Falls

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