Devona Roy Featured Black artist

Canvas is just one of the best ways artist express themselves, but I really haven't found art that glamorize "black" beauty in the way that Devona Roy does.

I fell upon Devona's painting while scrolling through Facebook. And it was an instant "WOWWWW" factor. This beautiful Kween has magically transformed a blank slate of canvas into a more accurate metaphorical representation of black beauty.

Black women representation at its finest!!!

She is recognized by her use of sparkles and sprinkles in almost all of her paintings. I am your typical girly girl, so I love sparkles, but something about her masterpieces that somehow reaches a higher level of sophistication, elegance, and maturity. With that, I believe every age group, young and old, male or female, will have their hands raised up in the air like a toddler saying...Ooohhhh I want one!!!

Her paintings are magical, leaving you wanting to be the next sparkled masterpiece.

Her process begins like almost every artist.

She starts with a blank slate

She sketches a rough draft while allowing the "universe" to speak through her

And finally, a masterpiece is born!

"You are now watching my Throne. Don't let me into my zone",love, love! this piece..."Queen" 30X40

This woman is my Picasso or Picassa... lol. Her pieces are affordable for now and anyone who owns anyone of her pieces will be holding a treasure for a lifetime. One day we might not be able to afford her because this girl is thee definition of "black girl magic."

As always, Stay Naturelle

Created By
Gladia Etienne

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