The Terrible Tragedy The Return of the Wolves


One day a my pack of wolves was walking in the dense forest of Yellowstone. They came upon a sidewalk.

The people screamed and shouted. Then suddenly a band of hunters came along and I could feel the pain inside of me as they killed the pack. Only the pups and I survived. So I took the pups and left Yellowstone. All of the wolves in Yellowstone were killed in 1926.

My goal from then on was to get back to the lush and green forests of Yellowstone.

While we were out, I just sat and watched the pups play and sleep. Sometimes I went on a hunt. At night I told the pups stories about back in Yellowstone.

Moon-Daughter of Luna

When my mother told me the story of the wolves getting killed I wanted to make her goal real. I wanted to return to the cave she had once lived in.

A couple mouths later we did return to Yellowstone.

We were welcomed back as we thought. The other female wolves and I gave birth to the pups. The other mothers went out on a hunt with the males and left me to take care of the little ones. Then the pack came upon a path. The people screamed and shouted. A band of hunters came along and killed all of my family but the pups. I knew the same thing that happened before had happened again. So I took the pups after they could walk and left.

I was so sad that us pups had to leave the beauty of Yellowstone again. I was also angry that the hunters would not leave us alone. We just want to live our lives in our home, but that seems impossible.

Star-Daughter of Moon

My grandmother told my mother and my mother told me this story and I too wanted to complete grandmother's goal. I want to go to Yellowstone.

A couple months later when we were all grown up,my mother Moon lead us to Yellowstone. Because of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, we finally returned to Yellowstone in 1995.

Our wolf family killed some of the deer or elk because they were clearly overpopulated.

That made them stay away from mountain and canyons in the ground.

The grass sprang up in those places.

Then more animals came like beavers and foxes. Yellowstone was revived and back to normal. You could tell the people were happy. I had completed my grandmother's goal. No hunter's came and killed us again.

The End!

Author's Note: Some of the story may not be true, but the fact that the wolves were killed is true and that the forest started failing.


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