Fast Break Mike Lupica

Published on November 3rd 2015

About the Author

Mike Lupica is one of the best-known and widely read sports authors in the United States. He began his newspaper career with the New York Post in 1975, at the age of 23, covering the New York Knicks. In 1977, he became the youngest columnist ever at a New York paper with the Daily News, where he currently writes four columns a week.


Jayson Barnes grew up in public housing and playing ball at the Jefferson Houses. Jayson lived with his mom, who was sick, and her boyfriend. When Jayson’s mom died, her boyfriend skipped their small North Carolina town, leaving the 12-year-old to live for himself and try to avoid the foster care system. After he got caught, he was brought in by a foster family named the Lawson's.

Main Character

Jayson Barnes- twelve, has focused on basketball and surviving but he is found out and placed with an foster family of a different race, and must learn to accept many changes, including facing his former teammates in a championship game.


Jayson Barnes was forced to live on his own after is mom dies and her boyfriend abandons him. Jayson does anything to avoid foster care. He manages to get away with lying until the day he gets caught stealing a new pair of basketball sneakers. Within a day a social worker places Jayson with a family from the other side of town, the Lawtons. Jaysons dream is to trip to play in the state finals at Cameron Indoor Stadium home to the Duke Blue Devils and making his dream of playing college basketball happen

What I like and dislike about the story

I liked that Jayson did it all on his own and and he did whatever he could from the situation he was in.

I didn't like that the book didn't have a lot of details, it changed really fast. Like when Jayson was moved to his foster family it all happened fast and there wasn't much explanation how he got to the foster family.

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