“We are the scape–goats of vehicular malfunctions. Often given little or no symptoms at these junctions. Our metal patients can’t tell us what’s wrong. Diagnostics sung on an exponential song.” - Dave Proffitt

Mechanical: The working parts of a machine, especially a car.

Medic: Borrowed from Latin medicus (“of or belonging to healing, curative, medical; as a noun, medicus, masculine, a physician, doctor, surgeon”)

The idea of linking the roles of a mechanic to a medic may raise some eyebrows. Deservedly, our society champions those who work tirelessly in healthcare and medicine for the fact that they fix, preserve and bolster the human body so we can continue functioning as efficiently as possible. In reflection, the same cannot be said of the contemporary technician or mechanic who in fact fulfill a similar role thanks to modern civilizations dependence on a plethora of manmade machinations that deliver a variety of tangible benefits designed to improve, simplify and streamline our existence. With the complexity of these machines and devices advancing at an incredible rate - running parallel to our alarming ignorance of there workings - we naturally have a great need for dynamic and knowledgeable practitioners in the field of mechanised maintenance and repair. In a cybernetic future, that need will only get greater.

Mechanics are the surgeons of vehicles and have been fixing our cars for over a century. Midtown Auto Tire & Repair are a small team of dedicated mechanics based in Charlottetown, PEI. This visual story reveals what goes on in the background at their garage to get your poorly car up and running again:


Like doctors - mechanics don't just rely on computerized equipment to deliver a diagnosis but also engage their well honed and powerful intuitions to reveal an underlying issue that may have been missed by initial measurements.

Electrical system schematics are like the nervous system in the human body. Having knowledge of these circuit diagrams allow mechanics to pinpoint difficult to find issues.
Plastic fantastic - untainted aesthetics imply solid foundations

We are the Mechanics, the strange breed. Hands greasy that sometimes bleed. Trying to reach into an impossible place. Fingertip vision sees into impossible space.

Unwilling servants of some half-baked engineer. Whose impossible placement of parts we fear. We smile and conquer his obstacles everyday. We smile we know a better way.

We are the scape–goats of vehicular malfunctions. Often given little or no symptoms at these junctions. Our metal patients can’t tell us what’s wrong. Diagnostics sung on an exponential song.

Surgeons wish they had our touch. What we take for granted they want that much. Our wages are surgeon’s pocket change. No fancy office or letters after our names.

We are weatherproof, sometimes wet, most times cold. No warm O.R. just a building that’s windy and old. Mechanics are inventive to an astronomical degree. There’s more than one way to look at the tree.

Of procedure, the tree of patience, the tree of time. Honed by years of frustration turned sublime. His hands a story of every vehicle that cut him till he cried out. Hands scared by a profession that’s not forgiving of mistakes, of doubt.

Our collars the deepest of blue. Empathy with mechanical things it’s true. Head full of ATF and over the road diesel in our veins. We bleed diesel and Freightliners its all the same.

It’s easy to blame the Mechanic for what’s wrong. Even though you’ve known about the problem all along. If your truck makes it from point A to Point B. It’s not divine intervention but the mechanic you see.

We’re often maligned and spoke poorly of. Blamed for some engineer’s bad idea above. Common sense, above thoughts of service. Bad designs make us nervous.

I’m proud to be a part of this mechanical alumni. You don’t see the things we see. A more thoughtful human you won’t find. Electrical schematics and drive trains wander my mind.

We’re the Mechanics We’re the Ones. We do the jobs everyone wants done. We do the jobs no one wants to do. We are the magicians, We are the few.

The Midtown Team

Louis - Auto Technician, Jimmy-rig Specialist
Matt - General Manager, Service Writer, Music Enthusiast
Larry - Licensed Auto Mechanic (1999), Challenge Accepter
Created By
Ben Russell


Ben Russell - socialeyesphoto.com

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