The shadow By elisha taylor

The prey's heartbeat leaps into a fast pace. It's heart thumps faster and faster. It bounds and leaps over streams and rocks. The prey realizes it is running for its life. It stops, breathes and continues to sprint.then there is silence. Then a shadow whizzes in the air. The prey scatters. The shadow lands and sprints. As the prey looks back the shadow is relitively small. Slowly the shadow takes shape. Slowly it has fur and feathers. Slowly it has eyes. Slowly it has fangs. The shadow cuts the prey off, but the prey takes another route. Sprinting and sprinting, faster and faster, racing for its life. The prey leaps into a clearing. It is the majestic Murocky deer, a doe and it has a fawn to protect. The Doe grabs the fawn and heads downstream, running through herds of mud monkeys and bellowfish. The Doe bellows for help. The mud monkeys from lines, the shadow flies over. The bellowfish leap and snap,the shadow dives under. The family uses they're last resort, fighting. The Doe turns and charged. The shadow leaps and tackles the fawn. Soon the shadow lets out a sad yelp. The fawn lay limb as the mother moves it. Signs show, the cause of death. A Broken neck. The shadow moves into the clearing and it features show, it is a pup, a winged wolf pup. And he was looking for a playmate.

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