A Collection of Importance in My Life Jacob von Linden

The Forty Yard Dash

My Broken Hip

Finally. This is the moment. This is what I have been waiting for. Connery asks for my name. I tell him that it’s von Linden. He then tells me to go whenever I am ready. I get down in my forty yard dash stance that I had previously looked at from the combine testing of NFL players. I push off strenuously and attempt to sprint to the forty yard line as fast and as hard as I possibly can. After all, this is what determines how successful I can be this year. After getting twenty yards in, I know something isn’t right. I feel an unexpected pain in my hip area, as if someone just launched a rock at me. I roll over and tumble onto the ground. The group of players burst out into endless laughter while Connery stares at me showing complete bewilderment. How could this be happening?

Flashback, August 24th, the day everyone has been waiting for. It’s the beginning of football season. After hours of listening to the sport expectations and distributing equipment to everyone, the team is on the verge of finally going outside and doing something. I’m a freshman, and all of the freshmen are separate from varsity. That being said, we are all in a meeting separate from the varsity players. After our coach talks about the beginning of the season, he announces that we will be going outside to time forty yard dashes so he can get an idea of our speed.

We all step outside. It’s about ninety degrees out. We line up to sprint the forty yards vigorously and at the best of our ability. Coach Connery asks each person to state their name before timing the sprint.

Flash forward to the beginning of school. The injury doesn’t appear as serious as it is. After all, I only used crutches for two days. I know that the injury isn’t going to be something that people will forget about. An avulsion fracture from sprinting, how ridiculous and unusual is that? How does simply sprinting cause my muscle to tear off a piece of my hip bone? I know that there will be constant joking and laughter in response to this incident. I was correct. Dozens of comments in the hallway. People are calling me broken leg kid, broken hip kid, paraplegic, and disabled. All I could do was smile. It humors me the type of people that make the comments. Some of them are so out of shape that I can probably beat them on crutches. What good are they?

Flash forward again to sophomore year. I hear comments about this incident a lot less frequently. Since I’m not currently injured, I’d be happy to race most of the people that made the comments last year. The one lesson I learned through this is the fact that it won’t be the professional that will insult you and put you down because they have bragging rights. It’s the insecure ones who try and make themselves feel better because they are nothing.

Why My Home Carries Meaning to Me

My House on Mill Street Extension

My house is painted yellow as a primary color and contains some secondary aspects that are red. The window shutters are black, the doors are red, and the roof is gray. The large front lawn is usually green and freshly mowed. The driveway is also large, as a result of being extended years ago. The house may appear a classic and typical design for Mill Street Extension, and may not seem as if it has any significance to it. After all, it is the visible aspects that a decent amount of people take into consideration. To me, this house carries several meanings and important values.

In terms of the interior, there are three floors. One half of the basement serves as a workshop for my father. The other half serves as a recreational area, which is partially finished. Every time I walk downstairs to the basement, it reminds me how much family work was put into it. My Dad having carried out several projects and the family working strenuously to transform a storage area into a recreational one.

Next is the middle floor. This floor contains the kitchen, dining room, living room, guest room, and the bathroom. The kitchen represents the area where my family and I unite for a good amount of time. This is with the exception of my brother Matt, who is in college. Our house, more specifically our kitchen, is where we can all be together while eating dinner. The living room represents our memories of watching the Patriots on Sundays, a tradition I never want to end. The guest room represents the wonderful memories of distant family members from New York staying with us for the holidays.

Finally, there’s the top floor. On this floor there is my parents’ bedroom and the bedroom of my brother and I. My bedroom represents where I spend hours vigorously working hard on schoolwork, a concept that I had witnessed my brother carry out in the same room, at the same desk, throughout high school. After a long day of work, my bed is to my left, a place to rest. Although not commonly noted, people spend almost a third of their life in their bedroom. It is significant to me due to the fact that I spend the majority of my life in it, a concept that isn’t credited enough.

Why praise my own house? Everyone is always saying to “get out of the house” and to do something. For me, regardless of what’s going on in my life, positive or negative, I always come home to the same house. A house with a made bed on days full of stress. A family to spend time and continue the wonderful days with. A constant environment that will sentimentally remain the same, regardless of what goes on outside of it in life. A place full of meaning.

The Significance of My Name and My Personal Interpretation of It

My name is one syllable and simple. I am named Jake. This basic-sounding name is originally from Hebrew descent. I think the simplicity of the name accurately describes me. I am not complex. I wake up, I eat breakfast, I go to school, I eat lunch, I go to practice, I come home, I eat dinner, I do my homework, I go to bed, and I repeat. This shows how the simple name fits my simple life. In my opinion, it seems like an attractive name to have as well. Not to say that I am talking about my physical appearance, but I am attracted to the way that I live my life, simply. I like the fact that my schedule is simple and precise. I like the fact that I have time to maintain a high grade point average and play football/take part in other extracurriculars at the same time. For me, a simple life is an attractive lifestyle to pursue.

Although it may not be known by the majority of the people named Jake, the literal definition holds a very interesting meaning. The given word that describes the meaning of the name is “supplanter” (names.org). The word “supplant” means to take over or to replace. I am not directly associating myself with this term. I don’t tend to take over anything or replace anybody in life. If I felt there was something very wrong in a situation, I would step up and resolve it. Otherwise, the literal definition isn’t one hundred percent accurate.

Religiously speaking, in the bible it states that the name “Jacob”, which is a longer version of the name “Jake”, was the name of a man who wrestled with an angel for hours out of a desire to be blessed (Genesis 32:22-32). This shows that Christianity’s interpretation of the name Jacob could be one that receives what he desires by force. The fact that Jacob had to wrestle with the angel to be blessed shows a lack of patience. It could also represent him as a go-getter.

This is a more accurate representation of me. I am a go-getter in life and I will not refuse to carry out a certain task if I feel it is necessary. However, I am not forceful in situations. I tend to have a lot of patience. There are several websites that will give several paragraphs of “meaning” to several different names, but they are all essentially synonymous to each other, and therefore, somewhat inaccurate. The most accurate interpretation of a name comes from the person who has that name, even if theirs is completely different than someone else’s that has the same name. These are the descriptions and meanings of the name Jake that I personally believe I hold.

(Referenced in my vignette, goes way back into history)

An Inspiration Figure Whom I will Never Forget

My Brother Matthew

I decided to write about a sibling of mine, Matthew von Linden. This person is the one who influenced me to try as hard as I do in not only school, but in everything else in life as well. Matt is an outstanding student, athlete, and person in general. The common interpretation of a person in a public school is that if they are athletic, they aren’t a great student, and vice versa. Matthew represents the outcast in this scenario. In addition to these traits, he is also a very social person. “Jake, you can only have two out of the three of the following in high school: Good grades, a social life, and sleep.” (Matthew’s words). Although humorous, he took this concept to a certain extent. He wasn’t getting any more than six hours of sleep a night. This proves something about his character. He was willing to go through hundreds of uncomfortable and miserable mornings in order to make himself better and stronger. I really admire these qualities in a person. His ambition towards academics and extracurriculars paid off. Matthew now attends the sixth best college in Massachusetts, Northeastern University. I hope to one day carry out a path similar to Matthew’s.

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