4A#18 Caleb Keyser

April 3 , 1970

My name is Jeff BobBob I am 12. My step brother's name is Bob Stone .I grow up in the city I am rich. I was born in Russia. I live with dad because my mom died of caner. I left in 1955 go to Amarica. On a boat filled with people. We stayed in first class. There were people hurling over the boat and this one time this guy hurled on me then I hurled on to my dad . I became really friends with 3 kids named Henry Redding , Morten Berchten and Anthony Smiley. I liked this one girl named Girl. She did not like me back. Anthony Smiley , Henry Redding , Morten Berchten and me became best friends. We got to Ellis Island and there was a doctor he put a hook in my dads and my eye. My dad had a sickness he had to go back but I live in Alabama with Anthony Smiley , Henry Redding , Morten Berchten . We have a German Shepard as a guard dog . I bought a lamborghini it is red it is sick I love it. Now I am 26 years old me and Anthony Smiley did not like Alabama so we moved to California. Now we live in a mansion. He bought a convertible it is green. We have a basketball court, indoor pool, and our back yard is bigger than a football stadium. I am a actor I star in a lot of movies. My favorite movie I stared in was What about Jeff. Our house is on the beach our neighbor is Barbara Jones.

This is a picture of my old flag.
This is a pic of my house.

Writing this story

  • Watching the video
  • And doing the 10 stops
  • Watch the vr tour.


Ellis Island Interactive Tour

BrainpopJr Statue of Liberty

Google Images

  • the statue of liberty was not made in the USA
  • the statue of liberty welcomes people to the USA
  • statue of liberty represents freedom
  • the chain that she is steeping on is to freedom


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