The 2018 Honda Odyssey A hawaiian family adventure

Take a peek at the highlights of our Honda Family Odyssey to the Big Island of Hawaii. We had an incredible week test driving the new 2018 Honda Odyssey and exploring the Big Island - from black sand beaches to volcanoes to wildlife and more! Thanks to Honda for hosting us on this incredible family adventure.

The Hawaiian Coast
Hilton Waikoloa Village

We arrived on the Kona side of the island and stayed at the Hilton Waikoloa Village which is perched on a gorgeous rocky coastline surrounded by hills of lava fields. The view from our room was stunning - water and palm trees everywhere! The resort has a cool lagoon where you can snorkel with sea turtles, fish, eels, and more plus pools with waterfalls too! Absolutely beautiful.

Kiholo Bay

On our first day before the Honda event started, we explored the island on our own and hiked to a black sand beach in Kiholo Bay where we saw sea turtles hanging out on the coast line and crossed paths with wild baby Hawaiian mountain goats on the trail. What a day!

Pololu Valley

Another favorite hike was the Pololu Valley where we drove to the farthest most northern tip of the Big Island and then drove until the highway - make that simply the road - literally ends. Tricky for cars trying to turn around! Ha! At that point you get a view of the cliffs along the coastline. It's amazing. Even better, we took the steep trail down to the bottom to hit a black sand beach and stand below the cliffs and see deep into the valleys. It looked like we had stepped into Jurassic Park!

Awesome and inspiring.

The trail is rocky, but fun.
The 2018 Honda Odyssey

The Honda event kicked off on Monday May 1st and I got to hang with the Honda engineers and learn all about the new innovations in the 2018 Honda Odyssey while Kyle and Kenzie got to hang out with tropical birds for a cool animal show. Then we all met up for a great drive off in our new Honda Odyssey to explore the island and visit a bunch of neat destinations with a ride along the coastline and through the mountains. The kids got to toy around with the cool new Cabin Control app and test out all the infotainment too.

Each day when we weren't driving, Honda entertained the family with delicious meals overlooking gorgeous scenic points while we were able to talk to all the various car designers and engineers - from powertrain to infotainment to cabin quietness. The lunch at the Lava Lava Beach Club on our 1st day was awesome and we topped off the meal swimming with sea turtles and all kinds of fish. AMAZING!

Hawaiian Luau

That night we went to a Luau dinner and celebrated Hawaii style. From flower leis to hula dancing to dancing with fire! The Luau was so authentic and full of the Aloha spirit. In between events we'd hang out in the hospitality suite and could connect with other journalists or Honda engineers or the PR team that were hanging around. It was so fun to meet so many other journalists with different backgrounds from autos to instagrammers to TV stars to other family lifestyle writers like myself.

Petroglyph trail

We tried to squeeze all kinds of exploration into our free time - from snorkeling to hiking. One of the most interesting and easiest hikes we did was to explore the petroglyph trail that ran along the miles and miles of lava that runs along the Kona to Waikoloa coastline. It was cool to explore and find all the hidden pictures as we stumbled and climbed over the lava stones.

Lots of wild cats!
Ride the Rim ATV Tour

On Day 2 with Honda we drove all the way to the other side of the island to explore more in our 2018 Honda Odyssey and to go on a family adventure. We chose to go ATV riding. It was AMAZING! Mike rode an ATV and I went in a 4 person buggy with the kids since they are too young to drive. We drove miles through a eucalyptus forest and stopped at a sacred waterfall nestled in the Waipo Valley. The most magnificent part of our adventure was when we stopped to eat a lunch at the top of the cliffs at the Waipo' Valley - the farthest valley in the Valley of the Kings. Incredible views of waterfalls, cliffs on the coastline. and the village growing taro down below.

After our tour ended we went local and devoured Lilikoi Shave Ice. Delish!!!!!!!!!

We love shave ice!
Hapuna Beach

To maximize our adventure we stopped at Hapuna Beach, one of the most gorgeous beaches on the Big Island, to take a swim before returning our 2018 Odyssey. The clearest water!!!!

The Big Island of Hawaii is all about exploring! You never know what you'll find beyond lots of clear water! This time we went to Kua Bay and stumbled upon a Hawaiian Monk Seal on the beach. He was very sleepy and weighs almost 600 lbs. Quite a sight to see.

Honda Farewell Dinner

We celebrated again with Honda that night for a farewell dinner with flower leis, amazing food, and great conversation with our new friends.

A beautiful sunset.
Volcanoes National Park

We topped off our exploration of the island with a trip to Volcanoes National Park. It is an absolute must see destination. We visited the Volcano upon our arrival and actually saw lava splattering in the daylight. Incredible! We took a giant hike into one of the craters. We traveled through many climate zones - from rain forest to a lava field - it was like exploring on the moon on the wide open spaces of the crater.

Life somehow manages to squeak in and grow in this harsh environment. I was amazed by these flowers!!!!

Next, after our hike which we loved, we went into a lava tube!!! It was like being in Gringotts!

Exhaustion started to set in but we knew we wanted to stay to view the Volcano at night. So we took the Chain of Craters road all the way to the ocean where we were treated to a sight of seeing the lava and smoke roll out into the ocean. AMAZING! We also were able to view the Sea Arch. I've never seen one in real life before so this was so cool for all of us.

After warming up with hot chocolate and a dinner at a little diner called the Lava Rock Cafe, we returned to view the Volcano at night. Take a peek at that fire!!!!! Definitely a sight to see!I

Memories to Last a Lifetime with the Honda Odyssey
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