Sebastian Bodiford's Genius Hour What would the results be if I created a title sequence for a series?

Blog Post 1:

For my Genius Hour I have decided to focus on creating a title sequence for my pilot series I have written. This topic is important to me because I have always been mesmerized by the opening credits of a show. Every time I would watch a show I would sing along to the opening credits and just be extremely overjoyed that it came on. The opening credits are creative and flashy or just they get your attention in some way, and once you hear it the main character of the show or, hear the theme for the opening credits you know it's going to be a good 30 minutes or so. My goals for this project are to test my creativity as well as create something that can get a person's attention and say that it looks good. I want to hear someone say well done and create something I know they will enjoy because it has always been my dream to make something that others will enjoy. I will measure my goals by keeping track of my ideas in a book and getting a second opinion on how the sequence looks before I continue on. After that I will continue to edit and then I will be done.

Blog Post 2:

I have learned that it is not as easy as it seems to get all of the materials I need for this project. Getting a laptop is going to cost a little bit of money, and finding the right programs for a title sequence is going to be tricky. But I have also learned that the end result will look amazing. I have learned that I am really excited and a little more creative than I originally thought, but I have not reached my full creative potential yet. This week a source for my research I used the internet to search for good programs to use for the creation of my title sequence, that won't crash my computer. From here I get my laptop on the weekend. Then I upload all of my programs which I am sure will take a good couple of hours, afterwards I will begin to implement my ideas onto the computer, and see how that will turn out. After that I will get someone to look over my work and edit what I need to edit. If I am unable to get my laptop this weekend then I will work on the PC we have at home.

Blog Post 3:

This week in our genius hour project I have learned a little on how to make my title sequence melt and blend in together. Like the daredevil or Iron Fist Opening I have figured out how to make my title sequence seem more fluid and wax like. In doing this I have learned that I am a sucker for openings that match the tone of the show like the Daredevil opening. This week I used the internet and best buy employees as sources of research. The employees recommended great websites and apps to help make my title sequence pop. The employees gave me the most amazing help and most of them agreed on the same program for my question. It was there I learned that the way to go was Adobe Premiere Pro CC and after that use Adobe After Effects to implement my final creative ideas. Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing program for anyone to use! So from here, with my new programs, what I shall do is keep doing what I have been doing. That is to say I am going to explore my creative capabilities with Premiere Pro, then when I have become familiar with it, I shall implement my ideas into it.

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