#QualityCareforAll Better Quality, Better Care I Social Media Toolkit

In the era of the Sustainable Development Goals, country and global stakeholders are focusing more on quality in health care, including quality of reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) care. With momentum increasing to achieve universal health coverage there is an urgent need to support country health systems to incorporate high quality RMNCH health care as a core mission of a country's health system.

USAID's flagship Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) invites you to engage with us as we convene and advance discussions around what it takes to improve and sustain high quality RMNCH care at scale.

Use the messages and graphics below or create your own using #QualityCareforAll to share the importance of quality of care in global health.


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Do you want to help amplify stories that share why quality of care in global health matters? Follow @MCSPglobal and @USAIDGH and use hashtag the #QualityCareforAll. Also, share this toolkit using: http://bit.ly/QualityCareforAll

#QualityCareforAll means timely, respectful and equitable care for everyone. @MCSPglobal is helping countries improve #RMNCH by working across health systems to develop & implement national quality policies & strategies. Visit our legacy page for more: http://bit.ly/QualityLegacy

Quality care is people centered care! Join @USAIDGH's @MCSPglobal and share why quality of care is critical to improve the health of #MomandBaby. #QualityCareforAll http://bit.ly/QualityCareforAll

Messages to Share

About Quality and Why it Matters

Quality care is doing the right thing, at the right time and place for every person, every time! #QualityCareforAll

Quality of care is everyone’s business! #QualityCareforAll

Quality care is people centered care, respectful of patient needs, values, and preferences. #QualityCareforAll

Quality of care prioritizes the needs, values, and desires of patients. #QualityCareforAll #MomandBaby

Quality care needs leadership commitment and governance at national and sub-national levels. #QualityCareforAll #USAIDTransforms

Measured improvements in #RMNCH quality of care leads to improved patient outcomes. #QualityCareforAll #MomandBaby

Quality improvement in #healthcare is a commitment to continuous ongoing improvements. #QualityCareforAll #USAIDTransforms

Moving Quality Care Forward

We need a systems approach to quality improvement (national, subnational, facility, and community) to continuously improve quality of #RMNCH services. #QualityCareforAll #MomandBaby

We need to engage the hearts and minds of managers and #healthcare workers to continuously improve #healthcare. #QualityCareforAll

Engaging public and private #healthcare leaders around a shared vision of quality of care is essential. #QualityCareforAll

Quality improvement requires measurable, clear aims focused on health outcomes and what matters to clients. #QualityCareforAll #USAIDTransforms

Real-time use of routine data is critical to assess whether care is improving and to guide change. #QualityCareforAll

Twitter Chat

@USAIDGH's @MCSPglobal hosted a Twitter chat conversation on quality focused #healthcare. Check out the hashtag #QualityCareforAll to view the conversation.


@MCSPglobal partnered with @TheWilsonCenter to host, “Aligning the Stars for Quality #RMNCH Care! What Does it Take?”, a discussion with global experts, country leaders and implementers on quality focused #healthcare. Watch the event: http://bit.ly/AligningtheStars. #QualityCareforAll

Where To Find Us

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"Quality" Graphic Art: Liz Eddy/MCSP

Graphic Art: Jessica Wabara Baker/ MCSP

Photos: Allan Gichigi/ MCSP; Kate Holt/MCSP; Karen Kasmuski/MCSP; Mubeen Siddiqui/ MCSP

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