Digital Virgins Time Is Space - Part 4

In Part 4, Harvey reaches entanglement with the onboard AI program. However, it is unclear which program he's entangled with. The entanglement allows Hugo and Chester to drive the EQRV - Entangled Quantum Relativity Vehicle off into the sunset. This, like HaPi's tweet, creates changes in the fabric in the universe and starts a chain reaction which alters not only the universe, but the story itself. We are introduced to Constance E. Gressing, the possible author of the story in chapter 11. And, in chapter 12, we are reintroduced to Halo Dave - of the future - and we meet his precocious student, Mary.
Time Is Space is just a story. Hopefully, it is a story that will make you feel, think and ultimately find hope in the human epic that we find ourselves in.



The current rose to the top, a mid Atlantic swell burying prehistoric bones - tidal and smooth.

Harvey Kalapski

Harvey Kalapski's sexualy charged creative mind is needed to power the EQRV - Entangled Quantum Relativity Vehicle. In order to achieve enough power, he must be quantum entangled with GRRLS, the onboard AI personal assistant.

EQRV - Entangled Quantum Relativity Vehicle

But, it isn't GRRLS that Harvey is entangled with. Instead, it is SASHA, a more powerful version of GRRLS, and she supercharges the EQRV which will allow for a better EQRV experience.

As they move off into wherever they are going, the construct of the universe, as we know it, changes. From here, the story takes a very strange twist. It will seem odd at first and quite divergent, but this process is how everything converges.

Background Materials

The story is a science fiction - meandering through psychological gorges and therefore often times slow - thriller. So, it might be helpful at times to watch and read some of the material offered to give some background to the more theoretical parts of the story.

This chapter continues to explore quantum entanglement. However, at this point, the concept of quantum entanglement begins to move towards speculation and closer to metaphysics. I do this because it is easier to develop plot lines that are spurious at best. Yet, I still feel the need to ground the science fiction in some science non-fiction. As a result, I try to learn more about the phenomenon that is at the center of each paragraph. Well, some of the videos and links below might qualify more as pseudo-science than pure science, but they are fun to think about, at least in terms of telling a story. And, who knows, quite possibly there is something to what they are saying. I am a strong believer in not rejecting something until it is proved wrong.

The Quantum Experiment that Broke Reality - Space Time -PBS Digital Studios

How the Quantum Eraser Rewrites the Past - Space Time -PBS Digital Studios

Stuart Hameroff Brain Quantum Computer



Contance's Desert Vision

Chapter 11


Constance E. Gressing was in perpetual motion. She was an icon of modern humanity, probabilistic logic searching for infinity but always resulting in a zero or one.

Constance E. Gressing

Constance E. Gressing is a photo travel writer. Currently she is in Australia circumnavigating the country by bike. The launching of the EQRV into entangled space-time has changed her probability wave function. This means big changes in her life.

CAROL Personal Assistant

Constance is using GrogResin's Really Virtual Navigation Glasses equipped with CAROL, a state of the art AI Assistant. The productivity of these glasses is immense, but the drawbacks are also quite severe and Constance begins to lose control of her freedom if, in fact, she ever had any.

Ha Pi De Cloun

Ha Pi De Cloun's tweet, which was the catalyst for this discombobulated reality, reaches out to Constance when she is in a moment of intense self realization. Where it will take her is anyone's guess.

Background Materials

This chapter has a preoccupation with the processes of physics, chemistry and biology. These processes are examined in a way that allows them to be seen as organic algorithms not unlike algorithms used in computer programming. To be honest, I am not totally clear what I see in this relationship, but it is very fertile for growing plot lines.

The second aspect of the chapter deals with time, entanglement and gravity. These are very loosely formed within my mind. Truth be told, I don't think anything lasts in my mind. Everything has a very short half-life within the chaos of my brain. In any event, the readings deal with these concepts. They will come back to haunt the story in later chapters. Also, the third link is...well, not exactly my cup of tea, but it could help in developing a couple of off the wall characters.

Two of the following videos are scientific lessons for ATP and muscle contraction. They are quite dry, but if you think about them in relation to single celled organisms that evolved into creatures with such intricate design, it is a little more amazing. The third video is more about inorganic processes and how they are acting in ways that are not unlike how organic creatures or robots that are programmed by organic creatures.

Myosin and actin - Circulatory system physiology - Khan Academy

Muscle Contraction Process: Molecular Mechanism - Microbiotic

What Is Something? - Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


Entanglement And Related Subjects

Earth's AI Wars



She shifted uneasily in the neural information wash. The pain, a burning sense of indignation, permeated the holo screen and punctured the surface of thought.

Halo Dave

Halo Dave, of the distant future, detects an anomaly causing ripples along the photon sea. This anomaly is looking for Halo Dave.

Halo Dave is the mentor of Mary, a child of the future who is living upon Gaiia, a satellite refuge from the horrors that exist upon the future Earth.

The tweet that started the whole process comes full circle nesting in Halo Dave's core processor. This, in turn, will bring about strange twists and turns in the next application of Time Is Space.

Background Materials

This chapter focuses upon Mary, a young girl. In the chapter, she is researching feminist thought. To be honest, my comprehension of feminist thought includes reading Barbara Walker's The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, which I highly recommend, and the many women I knew who were feminists. So, I apologize for the poverty of the videos and links I have given you. If you have any suggestions, go to my website and send me some ideas.

Women's Suffrage: Crash Course US History #31

"Lefties: Angry Wimmin" BBC documentary on Radical Feminism

Barbara G Walker - The Winter Solstice - Part 1 of 2


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