Portfolio by ZACH

I chose this still life photo for my portfolio because it represents what I like to do. The tools and sawdust represent my hobby of woodworking. I like the nostalgic feel it has and the red drill against the black and white background makes it more interesting.

I included this still life in my portfolio because like the one above it represents me in what I like to do. It is a more creative edit of the one above and draws your attention farther back into the photo. The vibrant color and the cropping of the image make it nice to look at and I think it would make a good poster.
I put this photo in my portfolio because the interesting angle of the portrait gives it a good background. I made the background stand out from the portrait by burning it. I did this so that it wouldn't take away from the picture by being distracting.
I took this photo looking down from up in a tree (very difficult by the way). The mushrooms growing periodically down the trunk of the tree made an interesting subject and the only thing that I had to do to the photo to edit it was to enhance the colors a bit. The photo moves your vision down the tree and I think it gives an almost relaxing feel.
I like how the driveway in this photo draws your vision into the sunset. I purposefully made this photo dark in order to bring out the color of the sunset and make the trees into silhouettes. the low light in this photo also makes the driveway appear to go on forever when in reality it doesn't go on very far at all.
When I took this picture I was driving over the Missouri river bridge and light was hitting the beam of the bridge just right to make the awesome effect in the top left of the photo. I edited this photo by giving it dramatic sky and bringing up the highlights. I really like this photo and how it draws you in to the trees on the horizon.
In this photo I was taking advantage of the golden hour in the early morning. It was actually the first photo that I ever turned in for this class. I did so much editing on this that I thing it almost is an artistic edit.
This is another good example of the golden hour. What I really like about this photo is how the fog in the background takes in the color of the sunrise and makes the background almost look like a dream. I enhanced the color of this photo a bit, but it was mostly just the right moment.
This one I took while I was in St.Louis as you can see by the Arch in the photo. I decided that this photo should be in here because it made a really good world photo because of all of the buildings that give it perspective.
This was one photo that I never used for an assignment but, I figured that it deserved a spot in my portfolio anyway. I took it at the Pinicles state park right at sunset. The creek in the photo has a really cool effect on the light from the sun. It is just another example of being in the right time at the right place.

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