Industry Hour Panelist Information Guide Fall 2021

Industry Hour is an intentionally small panel consisting of professionals of varying experience.

Each Industry Hour focuses on one engineering major to provide students with insight to that major's industry. Students will attend multiple programs as they are trying to decide which major is a good fit for their personal and professional goals.

The panel will be broken into four distinct parts:

  1. Major-Specific presentation from The Center for Career and Professional Development. CCPD will begin with a 5-7 minute long presentation covering hiring statistics from the most recent graduating cohort, and a general overview of the industry connected to that panel's major. This part will conclude with a 2-3 minutes Q&A for students to connect with the Career Counselor present.
  2. Advisor and Panelist introduction. The SoE Hub Advisor for the major and the panelists will each take 2-3 minutes to introduce themselves to the students. This will be a very general and brief introduction to help the students gain insight on each speaker.
  3. The formal Industry Hour panel hosted by the Hub Advisor. This is the bulk of the program as each Hub Advisor will prepare enough questions to to reach ~50 minutes of conversation. These questions will be specific to each panelist as speakers will be asked to share their career history and any other relevant details. The questions will be sent in advance of the panel so each speaker may prepare, and to ensure that the content they want to cover will be included in the questions. (This section has been extended for the ECSE majors from 50 minutes to 70 minutes to allow enough time for all panelists to share their stories).
  4. Reserved time for student questions. In the last 10 minutes, we will stop the formal panel to allow students to ask their questions. If students are quiet/shy, our Hub Advisor will have back-up questions prepared to take full advantage of each speaker's valuable insight on the industry.

As mentioned, we will host a panel for each engineering major. This will allow students to visualize and connect to the various industries connected to each path of study.

Typically, each speaker will join the panel that represents their major during their time at RPI, however we know career paths are long and wide, and take many twists and turns! We are happy for speakers to connect with their formal major, or with the major that connects best to their current job. Both perspectives are equally valuable.

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering (BMED and BMED Premed)
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical, and Computer, and Systems Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering

Speaker Requirements

Each Industry Hour panel is seeking a total of three panelists* so each member of the panel has ample time to share their stories and connect with students. We are looking for two alumni speakers, and one current student or recent graduate.

* The ECSE Panel will typically merge both Electrical and Computer and Systems majors into one program. In this, Industry Hour will be a longer panel (up to 2 hours) and we aim to host 6 panelists.

Alumni Speaker Requirements:

  • At least 3 to 5 years of experience in industry
  • Ability to connect to panel through video chat
  • Ability to share the day-to-day details of your career
  • Passionate about helping students, and excited personal career journey
  • Comfortable to have students connect with you after the Industry Hour panel
  • Bonus points if you started as an Undeclared Engineer, or changed your major!

Current Student or Recent Graduate Speaker Requirements:

  • Have completed any professional work experience: internship, co-op, research, full-time job
  • Ability to connect to panel through video chat or in-person (depending)
  • Ability to share the day-to-day details of your work experience
  • Comfortable speaking with first-year engineering students and sharing your PRI experience
  • Comfortable to have students connect with you after the Industry Hour panel
  • Bonus points if you started as an Undeclared Engineer, or changed your major!

We are currently seeking Fall 2021 Panelists!

Materials (9/20):

  • 2 alumni
  • 1 current student or recent graduate

Computer and Systems (10/18):

  • 1 alumni
  • 1 current student or recent graduate

Electrical (10/18):

  • 2 alumni

Aeronautical (11/1):

  • 2 alumni
  • 1 current student or recent graduate

Nuclear (11/8):

  • 2 alumni
  • 1 current student or recent graduate

If you are interested, email Kristin Bergene! bergek@rpi.edu


The Industry Hour audience primarily includes:

  • Undeclared Engineering Students
  • First-Year Engineering students of the major
  • Students considering changing their major
  • Students from other RPI schools considering engineering
  • Transfer students who are joining the RPI community

Occasionally, upper-class students will join us and they are always welcome. The program is not restrictive to any cohort, school or major. All are welcome to attend!

Format of the Panel

Industry Hour for Fall 2021 will be an online program.

This allows panelists to join us from all over the world, and students to join us from the comfort of their dorm rooms after a long day of classes. We will schedule meetings through WebEx and all attendees, hosts, and panelists will be invited in advance.

Each Industry Hour panel will be recorded and published on our SoE Hub YouTube Channel.

Time Commitment

Monday, 5:45 to 7 pm.

Industry Hour occurs nearly every Monday during the Fall semester. Each Monday focuses on a different engineering major depending on a schedule agreed to by all engineering departments. Once this schedule is finalized (typically in early August), we will post the official dates here.

The Fall 2021 Schedule:

  • September 7th - Mechanical Engineering
  • September 13th - Civil Engineering
  • September 20th - Materials Engineering
  • September 27th - Environmental Engineering
  • October 4th - Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • October 18th - Electrical, and Computer, and Systems ENGR
  • October 25th - Biomedical Engineering
  • November 1st - Aeronautical Engineering
  • November 8th - Nuclear Engineering
  • November 22nd - Chemical Engineering


We want to ensure that each panelist feels comfortable and prepared for their time on the Industry Hour Panel. This is done through several small, but incredibly valuable steps.

  1. Collection of Experience. Through an online form, we will ask for you to include all relevant information of your experience that you wish to share on the panel. You may submit your resume, a LinkedIn profile, or simply list your experience. We will want to hear about your professional history, personal interests, any clubs/organizations you joined as an RPI student, favorite classes/professors, and anything you know is important to include.
  2. A Meet and Greet. In a 30 minutes meeting, you will be introduced to all other members of the panel including the other speakers, the Hub Advisor and Career Counselor connected to the major, and the moderator of the program. During this meeting, we will review the program details, address any of your questions, and allow everyone to introduce themselves and connect.
  3. The "Check your Tech" hour. In the hour before the Industry Hour panel begins, the moderator will host an online event where you are able to test your microphone and camera. It will also allow you to check your connection speed so there is time to adjust your location or technology before the program begins.

Beyond these 'in-person' engagements, the moderator will send you regular updates and panel-specific information to help you prepare. These emails will include:

  • Schedule of all scheduled Industry Hour panels if you wish to attend another panel as a viewer
  • Agenda of the program and of the camera/mic schedule
  • Prepared panel questions based on the form you filled out
  • Course requirements for the 2025 Cohort so you can see the classes they are taking
  • Login details for the WebEx meeting


Kristin Bergene

Kristin is the advisor for the Undeclared Engineers, working in the School of Engineering Advising Hub. As the creator of Industry Hour in Fall 2018, she continues to work at the moderator of this program.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! bergek@rpi.edu

Are you ready to join us?

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