Dancing Flowers love all forms

In my photography, flower is my best subject to explore my photography skill. Flowers have all kind different forms, colors, and textures. It also helps me to see the moods of softness or feelings when i hold camera. Is anyone has that feeling?
Single point of focus is always make picture looks soft.
Single point of focus is always make picture looks soft.
Single focus
I have always interest with many subjects of photography but flower becomes my passion of taking them. It opened up a completely new meaning by allowing me to indulge in it
Taking picture with bokeh is another challenging to me. Find the right spot with water drop and lighting is not easy.
Find the little flower is my "go to"
There are so many talented photographers whom I really admire and draw inspiration from. Being self-taught through magazines and video teaching that helps me to explore my art. I am sometime select the flower on the field, which I have in my mind to use textures in the processing; I will find the blank background for adding texture to.
Painting is another technique that I love to explore
Dancing flowers is my hot topic which I need to study more
As I mentioned at the previous page, form and colors are the most important to the flowers. Selected point to focus is always helping subject more interesting.
Lighting is also the most important element to help flower more attractive. Taking directly to the sun is not easy. Sun is down is key.
Lighting behind the flower is the backlit
Lighting on top of flower is helping also.
Focus on single flower is attractive too. The bulb or the bloom one is very interesting subject for me.
Nature inspires me hugely; each changing season offers wonderful photographic opportunities. Taking picture of flower in environment is another style of my flower
An overcast day is perfect for taking flower photos, no harsh shadow problems, but sometimes a bright and sunny day is great To create some lovely bright and colourful backgrounds. I try to avoid harsh sunlight directly onto my subject. Hopefully my works inspired and love to share.


MyPhuong Nguyen

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