Eva Peron Argentina's INSPIRATIONAL Female icon

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Eva and her husband Juan Peron

Juan Peron was an Argentina President in the 1940s and '50s, but was overthrown after Eva's death and was in hiding in Italy for 16 years.

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Born May 7, 1919 Died of cancer in 1951

Accomplishments and Importance:

Eva Peron was a political figure and achieved many things to make her an important figure in Latin America. Eva Peron was a feminist, which is a person who supports feminism.

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Her charitable organization for the poor, helped many people.

Eva had created the Eva Peron Foundation, which established hospitals, schools, orphanages and homes for the aged and more.

Ties to the 8 Themes of the World

Religious -- Introduced compulsory religious education

Revolution -- wanted more rights for women

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Supported feminism and created the Peronista Feminist Party


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This quote proves that Eva was a strong feminist and believed passionately about her beliefs

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