Coach V's Ideal cottage

The point of this project was to create coach V's ideal cottage. I decided that the cottage would be 10 m by 10 m. The first step was to create a bird eyes view.

After I had to imagine the front view. i decided to make two windows that are 1m large and 2m wide.

Then I had to make the side view of the cottage. The side view is with two windows similar as the front side but they are 1 m large and 2 m long.

After thinking how I could make the house I went on tinkercat to create it. So I started to make the bird eye view. Then I did all of the windows and the doors in the house.

When I finally finish the tinkercat I had to do all of the calculations for the price of all the house. The total price for the paint of the house was 60€. Then I had to calculate the cost of the heating of the house, the price of the heat for the house is 450€ per month. For the roof of coach V is 10 by 10 so it will cost 900€ for the roof. The total cost of the paint plus the heat plus the roof will cost about 1410 € with adding each month the 450€.

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