chipotle vs qdoba

Some products Chipotle sells are burritos, tacos, and bowls. The average price of a steak burrito with be $7.80 and the price for a small fountain soda would be $1.80. Chipotle offers the choices of buying online or restaurants which they have internationally (Us, U.K, Canada, Germany, and France).

Qdoba also offers a large variety of products: burritos, quesadillas, soup, and nachos. Average price of a steak burrito would be $8.40 which is significantly more costly. A small fountain drink would be $1.90. Qdoba for now only sells only in the US, but it is spreading to Canada. Although like chipotle it does sell online too.

Swot Analysis

Strengths (Chipotle)

  • growing fast (world wide)
  • employe strength (30,940)
  • Positive brand image, customer loyalty
  • Online order and delivery
  • restaurants owned by company only

Strengths (Qdoba)

  • 600 restaurants across U.S
  • serves breakfast and opens 24 hours
  • handcraft preparation
  • different services (online ordering, catering, etc)

Weaknesses (Chipotle)

  • Quality of ingredients
  • high priced
  • limited menu

Weaknesses (Qdoba)

  • limited international exposure
  • franchise format (difficult to offer locally customized menu options)

Opportunities (Chipotle)

  • Store expansion
  • Product Categories (burrito, tacos, bowls, quesadilla, salads)

Opportunities (Qdoba)

  • Expansion
  • Marketing and Branding Activities
  • promotional activities to increase customer engagement

Threats (Chipotle)

  • strong competitors
  • competitors have lower prices

Threats (Qdoba)

  • intense
  • increasing focus on healthy foods

Chipotle is the better choice to me. Although their prices might be higher than others, it has a great variety products. For example if you aren't felling the tortilla just get a bowl with all the ingredients you might put in your burrito. Also Chipotle has been around for longer and it is widely spread across the world.


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