2017 Power Brokers Luncheon

April 13, 2017 Celebration of 2016 Award Winners at El Goucho, Bellevue, WA
MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR: Radi Mostafa (top left), Kitty Do (top right), Minaflor Karganila Ponce (not pictured), Glora Bernardez-Fu (bottom left), Chet Smith (not pictured), Kari Schertzinger (not pictured), Hongkyu Kim (not pictured), Henry Yang (not pictured), Terry & Spencer Bronson (not pictured), Priscilla Woodall (not pictured), Chong Park (bottom right), Hellen & Richard Schmid (center), Susie Bruce (not pictured), Jamie Smith (not pictured) & Bas Kanyi (not pictured).
MASTER RUBY: Tom Hopper & Janet Lien (top left), Wilhelmina Escandar (top right), Debbie Atwood (not pictured), Christina Lee (not pictured), Russel & Patty Peters (bottom left) & Vu To (bottom right)
MASTER EMERALD: Nancy Gonzalez (not pictured), Leslie Wall (bottom) & Marilyn Wells (not pictured), William Townsend & Angelica Meza Del Valle (top)
MASTER DIAMOND: Boota Singh (top), Sarah Gravelle (bottom) & Stephen Ng (not pictured)
QUALITY SERVICE AWARD: Jamie Smith (not pictured), William Townsend & Angelica Meza Del Valle. QUALITY SERVICE PINNACLE AWARD: Christina Lee (not pictured), Nancy Gonzalez (not pictured) & Sarah Gravelle (bottom)
CENTURION: Corinne Wight (top left), Jill Warne (top right), Joni Kerley (bottom left) & The Bruce Team (bottom right)
Dustin Bruce with the Bruce Team

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