My Goals Lauri rowe

One year from now...

A year from now, I still vision myself in high school dedicated to graduate with honors and a high GPA. It not only gives me confidence in myself for succeeding, a high GPA is what I need to get into the most prestige university.

Outside of school itself, I hope to be going to West-Mec for their Veterinary Sciences program. This program will help me succeed to further my knowledge in the field of veterinary sciences. I'm beyond excited to become a veterinarian so I can help the lives of animals.

I anticipate to become more fit by working out and try to stay positive to become healthy-minded, which are two of my new years resolutions. I want to be able to test my limits and not only become physically strong, but have the persistence to live my life more positive than it already is.

stay positive and everything will be okay

I hope to grow a stronger relationship with my family and with the Lord. My family have always been close, but certain events have occurred that have dented our closeness to one another. I've always thought I had a strong relationship with the Lord, but I want to pursue an even stronger one.

family is truly a blessing

Three years from now...

Three years from now, I imagine I'll be graduating high school and starting my journey into college. I don't know what specific college I want to go to yet, but I want to get my doctrine in veterinary sciences.

life is so worth living when helping others in the process

I plan to own dachshunds once I move out and going to college. I've grown up around dachshunds and completely adore them.

These are my dogs right now. (Left-Charley, Top far Left-Lello, Top far Right-Karrigan, Bottom Right-Kahlua)

Through the stress of school and life in general, I hope to be able to take a break and save up enough money to take a trip to Walt Disney World, which I've never been before.

happiest place in earth!!

10 years from now...

Ten years from now, I plan to hopefully be out of college completely and fully starting my life as a veterinarian and experiencing life. I hope to become a very successful vet and maybe even create my own organization for helping animals. I also hope to continue school to work with marine animals, which is another passion of mine.

this is what I want to do for the rest of my life

I don't know exactly what my plan is but, someday I hope to become a wife and mother, but I don't plan that until the way far future.

some of my favorite quotes


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