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You are a content creator

You are a podcaster, a film maker, a playwriter, TV producer, music producer and your quality productions are not getting looked at in the market. We live in a world where the audience chooses their own content, which appeals to them, and meets their interests. The internet has opened the opportunity for content and consumer to meet.

A study from Leichtman Research Group has found that 74% of US TV households have at least one Internet-connected TV device, an increase from 65% in 2016.


With UR Vision Television Network you have the opportunity to produce your unique content and topics, delivered to your demographics directly. We are part of XOD and with access availability from as many as 270 million smart TV’s, OTT boxes (such as AppleTV), and smart phones. There has never been a better time to present your content to the world.

Xperienc On Demand is literally a new cost effective means for content creators to build their own channels or even their own television networks. Additionally, Xperienc On Demand will be available on Sony PlayStation, X-Box, and will come pre-installed on all new Samsung, LG, and Vizio smart TV's and smart devices beginning this year.

Through Xperienc On Demand, content creators who produce live shows and performances can finally monetize their live productions through live PAY-PER-VIEW purchases on their own on-demand and live streaming platforms.


Is a media distribution company, focusing on the next generation of distribution technology and platforms for all forms of content. Films, series, documentaries, TV style shows, podcasts, film festivals, concerts, and independent music, can gain access to their audience by being on every form of technology that their audience uses.


So you have worked hard to create your content. You shot it, edited it, and now what? How do people get to see it?



We have partnered with Xperienc on Demand, we offer the ability to build your show channel, we make it available to all devices, and offer optional marketing and design capabilites at a discounted cost. We will market the platform. You can market your content. You have access to analytics. You can distribute your film or series and choose how you want to monetize.

Xperienc is a distribution company founded in 2017 and based in Atlanta, GA. We’re a video on demand, company, a music distribution company, a live streaming company, a concert producer and a promotion & publicity agency.

Our company houses three subsidiaries: Xperienc On Demand, a video on demand provider, Xperienc On Demand Music, a global provider for music distribution; and Xperienc On Demand Live, promotes direct live stream for concerts, conferences, and events.

We have built a powerful infrastructure to have your content feed to all the platforms . We provide you with important information that can help you improve how you create your content.

Xperienc is the one stop shop to define your brand and monetize your content while building your core demographic through your unique xperienc. We value and care about the overall development of both the client and the product while building a strong presence worldwide.

Licensing On Almost Every Major Streaming App and Platform

Your shows will be available to 270+ million people in the U.S. alone (and you will be accessible all over the world), being accessible on all Samsung, LG, and Vizio smart TV's and smart devices, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Direct to Netflix, Android TV, Chromecast, Smart TV, Roku, Pluto, Opera TV, Google Play, iTunes, SonyPlaystion, X-Box, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

From publications to podcast networks, we take care of organizing your content on one brand so you can have multiple shows and multiple categories in one place.

How do you begin?

Do you have a show you have been producing? Do you have an online publication that you thought of expanding to the OTT world of distribution? We offer solutions for you. We offer options regarding your content from live streaming to large scale distribution, and more.

Do you have ideas and ready to produce it? We can assist on what you need to create your content. We sell equipment that can get you off the ground running.


  • simple talk shows,
  • fitness,
  • cooking,
  • music,
  • tech,
  • And so much more

You are the creator of your show, channel or network. You own your content. You can get your sponsors, advertisers and with access to over 270 million potential viewers there is no limit to the potential.

Get paid with 6 optional revenue models

We provide 6 revenue models. This gives you the ability to customize your project the best way that fits you.

Product Placements with Point, Click, and Purchase Technology

Get paid through sponsored product placements on your shows. With our new Point, Click, and Purchase Technology, your audiences will be purchasing product placements right on the screen without having to go to an external website or leave the show. You and your sponsors now have a new way to increase profits through your viewers’ emotional impulse buying. You will be able to pull in profits on the front end from your sponsors' payments for product placements on your shows, and on the back end from negotiated commissions with your sponsors on all products sold on your shows via Point, Click and Purchase

Subscription, ads or pay per view are opportunities for your content to succeed.

Difference between YouTube and Ownership of your content.


You determine the value of your content. Leverage the power of owning your content, and controlling your brand. Know that with XOD and UR Vision Television Network you will have options on how to monetize and will not be competing with kids videos, violent videos or rules that change and demonetize you.


Service includes:

  • Unlimited web space and hosting,
  • custom branded OTT apps for all devices, including mobile,
  • media kits,
  • press release,
  • tracking,
  • tech support,
  • cross show marketing
  • potential advertisers based on audience.

Your options:

Feature film/ live performances/ concerts: special options for films, documentaries, live concerts, events, etc. Contact is for more details.

Show: 4 hours of content, which can be either 4 one hour episodes or 8 :30 minute episodes.

Channel: It is recommended for each channel to have at least 40-50 shows or variations of movies with 16 hours of content per show / per month.

On average: Each show has 10-12 episodes per season (4 episodes per month) at 1 hour a piece. Each movie ranges between 90-100 minutes. Your allotted bandwidth can include advertisement commercials promoting your show.

Network: It is recommended for each network to have at least 4-5 channels with variations of content with (negotiable) hours of content per channel / per month.

On average: Each network has 25-35 channels, in which each channel has it’s own series of shows. Each movie ranges between 90-100 minutes. Each live stream ranges between 30-45 mins. Your allotted bandwidth can include advertisement commercials promoting your show.


We will have a marketing company to assist those who request services at a discounted cost based on needs.

We have a great design team that can assist in graphics for those who need graphic skills for channel and show thumbnails.

COSTS: We have simplified pricing based on your content. Pay a flat cost and enjoy unlimited bandwidth. If you create weekly content, we have a great price for you.

Live Streaming

We offer live streaming of events such as concerts, events and more. If your business covers these types of events, we are the platform for you. Contact us for more information.

Contact Us

For more information contact us at:

Email Dion Dupree: gmmworldwide@gmail.com

Visit our website






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