Nacho Cheese Jane Bonazzoli

It was my first day on the job. I had just gotten a job at a movie theater and I was so nervous. I only knew one person which was my boss, who was also my eighth grade social studies teacher. Thankfully I was his favorite student, otherwise I wouldn’t have had as much luck of getting the job and I wouldn’t have been fired on the first day. Yes, fired on the first day. I had messed up so bad that I was surprised to hear I wasn’t fired right then. By far this is the most embarrassing moment of my life. It all started with me walking into the theater. First of all, I was fifteen minutes late because I had a field hockey game. So I was sprinting through the door and I knocked into this grumpy guy named Gerald (he became one of my closest friends later). Gerald gave me and evil looked and strutted away. I let that one slide off my shoulder so I could punch in as fast as possible. After punching in, my boss came to say hello and I apologized a little extra dramatically on being late. I was so grateful when he forgave me so quick.That was not even the embarrassing part. The embarrassing part comes when I walked into the kitchen. I was supposed to fill the pretzel containers with nacho cheese. So I walk over to the refrigerator and grab the nacho cheese can. I bring it over to the counter, place it down and realize that i need spoon. I get a spoon and when I come back I slip on the ice that is on the ground. As I am falling, I hit the nacho cheese with my hand and the open can lands right on my head. Not only is the cheese all over my head, but it is everywhere on the floor and all over my body. My boss runs in and the look he had on his face is the same look you have when you see peanut butter covered salmon with feet shavings on top. Nasty I know. Through the cheese I look behind me and guess who is on the floor covered in cheese too....Gerald! The expression on his face was nothing but pure rage. My job was to sell tickets at the front which means people saw me and what I was wearing. Lucky for me, my boss had extra shirts. The worst part about it was my crusty, yellow cheese hair and that my boss will never stop reminding me of that day.

My Name.....In English the name Jane means, God has been gracious. It means thankfulness and happiness and light. It represents the love and joyfulness, in the biblical sense, that God has felt and given. It is that feeling when you pursue an act of kindness, but receive nothing, yet you still feel something. When you feel like you have given back and made a change. When you feel as if you have made someone’s life just a little bit happier. It is even that feeling of satisfaction when you see someone smile just a little bit brighter. Being the first born, my name has to be special and meaningful. It has an important role to fill. Originally, my parents had thought of the name Francesca because of our Italian background. All of my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and great- grandparents on my dad’s side are the loud Italians of the family. Especially my great- grandmother Elizabeth Jane Bonazzoli and yes, that is my name switched around. Elizabeth Jane Bonazzoli was one of the loudest, most outgoing and probably even the most annoying lady you will ever meet. Now those are the exact reasons why everyone in my family adored her, but mainly because she was a leader. My great- grandfather knew she was marrying a powerful woman and everyone else in her life knew it too. That was my dad’s grandmother. That was my aunts and uncles grandmother. Clearly she had a lot of people to be adored by, mostly from all of my dad’s siblings. I never have met my great- grandmother, but she must have meant something to my dad if I was named after her. Personally, I believe I was named after my dad’s grandmother for a specific reason. Maybe it was because she was loved by everyone. Maybe it was because she had a happy and wonderful life. But maybe it was because of how much of an impact she left on people. My parents knew the importance of the name of their firstborn child. Honestly, they nailed it too. In my parent’s minds, they were probably thinking that she was such a great, powerful role model that deserves to have a child named after her. Jane Elizabeth Bonazzoli. I’ll always have that name. No matter how many times I hear it, angrily or happily, I’ll always hear MY name. The name given to me. The name taken from the great Elizabeth Jane Bonazzoli.

Eyes.....In my family, eyes show your personality, even if you would not like it to be revealed. They have a certain way of unraveling your true feelings and emotions. My dad’s eyes are the brown trees under a midnight sky. My mom’s eyes are the summer leaves that grow on the trees as well as my brother’s eyes. My sister’s eyes are the type that just make you smile. It’s as if they make you feel better because it reflects the ocean and the sky and my house. My dad is not the type of guy that you would run up to and have a friendly conversation. I mean, sure, he is a friendly guy, but to strangers he looks like a big, tall, maybe even a little angry, person. He has those strong and powerful eyes that show his confidence when he speaks. It’s like when you are surrounded by a group of bears and you are a little intimidated, most likely really scared. But it is just a couple of friendly bears that are actually really nice. That whole scene can represent my dad’s eyes. Best for last, I left myself. I have those dark brown eyes. Those eyes that can stare straight through you and into your brain. Also the same eyes that can prove when you are being genuine and truthful. My eyes are like the iced caramel coffee I drink every morning. The swirls of caramel standing out in the dark coffee. They show the unique caramel swirls swirling beyond the dark center. My family might be right about the theory of eyes showing one’s true self, but sometimes eyes can be changed. The color of them could be changed so that might also mean that their personality has changed too.

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Jane Bonazzoli


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