Mike Pence Republican vice-presidential candidate

Pence was born in Columbus, Indiana in 1959 and was one of six children to a U.S. Army veteran. As a child, Pence was influenced by the Irish Catholic beliefs from his family and idolized John F. Kennedy.

Pence graduated Hanover College with a bachelor’s degree in history in 1981 and earned his J.D. at Indiana University’s School of Law in 1986.

Pence was a conservative radio and TV talk show host in the 1990s. He lost two bids for a congressional seat prior to successfully running in 2000, becoming Republican conference chairman. Subsequently, he was elected governor of Indiana in 2012, and in July 2016 he was selected as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s running mate. He and Trump were elected on Nov. 8, 2016, and sworn in on Jan. 20.