Liberty Triathlon Collegiate Competition Without the Pressure

Liberty Triathlon allows athletes of all ability levels to participate in races. Students who have zero experience in triathlon, those who may have competed in triathlon before, and even athletes of professional status.
Liberty has produced professional elite level triathletes who have had no previous experience in triathlon before joining the team. They later gained sponsors for triathlon and qualified for national and world championship competitions

Liberty Triathlon offers a variety of practice times as well as a regular team practice schedule. Team members have the opportunity to train in a group in the morning and in the evening. These various daily practices allow for necessary flexibility around student's class schedules and are personalized. The training plans are catered to help every athlete succeed.

The races are the culmination of all the hard training completed over several weeks, months, and ultimately years. Liberty competes in both sprint distance and Olympic distance Triathlons that consist of swimming, biking, and running. Each race begins with an open-water swim.

Sprint: 750 meters

Olympic: 1500 meters

After the swim, athletes will run through a transition area. This is where athletes will put on their helmets and run their bikes out to the start of the bike course as fast as possible. Once the athletes leave the transition area, they will mount their bikes and begin the bike leg of the race.

Sprint: 20 kilometers

Olympic: 40 kilometers

Finally, once the athletes have finished the bike course, they will dismount their bikes and run back into the transition area. The racers will now remove their helmets and place their bike back into their designated spot, put on their shoes and race belt, and head out for a tough run. This is the last leg of a triathlon race, and a chance for the athletes to give everything they have to the finish while their teammates cheer them on.

Sprint: 5 kilometers

Olympic: 10 kilometers


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