Map By:Mario grippa, JOHN CLARK, MARK HAGAiN and James costEllo

Dead Sea

Sea that is full of salt because the salt water evaporates and just leaves the salt. There are no fish in this sea. It is very far below sea level.

Sea of Galilee

Sea that feeds down to the Dead Sea, some people fish in this sea. It's also know as the Lake of Gennesaret. It's on Mt.Hermon.

Jordan River

River that links the Sea of Galilee and flows into the Dead Sea. Travelers would cross this river to avaoid Samaria. It runs from North to South.

Judaea (and its cities)

Jerusalem Holds the temple. It was also the capital of Judah. Furthermore it was the center of Jewish worship at the time of Jesus.

Bethlehem is where both David and Jesus were born.

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