Ward Green Primary September 2020 Newsletter

Welcome Back

It has been lovely seeing all of our families back at school - we have missed you all! The children have come back to school ready to learn and are already impressing me with how much pride they are taking with their work.

Last week we had 97 % attendance which is fabulous! Thank you for giving us feedback on our systems and working with us. This has helped us to change and refine arrangements to improve safety for children coming to and leaving school.

Jewellery & Uniform

We have noticed a large amount of children wearing jewellery in school which is creating a health and safety concern.

To ensure children are safe in school children are allowed to wear stud earrings and a watch. No necklaces or bracelets please as these can cause serious cuts to the skins if they are caught whilst children are playing. Earrings should be taken out for PE wherever possible - if recently pierced we can cover with micropore tape for a short period of time until healed.

It's been brought to our attention that staff and parents are worried about children inadvertently taking home other children's uniform - cardigans etc. This can be really hard to manage for staff when there are no names in clothing and parents are concerned that that items from other households are coming back into their own. Can parents ensure their children's names are clearly noticeable in items of clothing/pe kits so that we can ensure that they can be easily recognised by staff and sent home with the correct child.

Swap Shop

We now have our very own snazzy Swap Shop located in the community room entrance. It’s full of really good quality uniform, shoes, coats and general children’s clothing. In these tricky times we hope that it will help families who need some financial support keeping up with their growing cherubs! Please feel free to come in and browse if you need any items.

We are also really grateful to have any unwanted clothing items donated. To date we’ve been overwhelmed with the generosity of our parents so thank you! We’re sure they will really help out other not to mention help everyone do their bit for the planet!

Any questions you have Miss Eyre will be happy to help out.

Cashless Office

From 1st September 2020, Ward Green Primary School will be going 100% cashless. Our decision is based on the World Health Organisation advice to use contactless payments wherever possible to prevent the spread of COVID but also to reduce the administration burden of cash payments. This means anything you previously may have brought money to school for, including school meals, trips, breakfast and after school clubs will have to be paid for online, not with cash or cheques.

All payments will be processed using our cashless payment partner, ARBOR. For more information about ARBOR, click here. Money can be added to your ARBOR account using a debit or credit card or a direct bank transfer.

If, like many of our parents/carers, you are already registered for ARBOR then you don’t have to do anything except ensure that your child has money in their dinner account on the first day back. If you have not yet registered for ARBOR then you need to get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will then send out your login details to ARBOR.

To request a login for please contact us via the ARBOR app, by email on melanie.riches@hcacademytrust.education or by phone on 01226 286510.

If you are having issues creating or accessing your ARBOR account first please view the ARBORhelp page. If you cannot find the answer here please contact school on info@wardgreenprimary.org or by phone on 01226 286510 and we will do our best to help you

Covid 19 update

There has been a spike in the number of positive tests across the UK this weekend so it is really important that we all follow the government advice. Please ensure you are socially distancing when queueing to collect or bring your child to school - could we also resist smoking whilst queueing to make it pleasurable for all people please. On KS1 parents are very sensibly queueing following social distancing on the playground - I have been impressed. If parents can disperse quickly that would also help us keep the entrance and exits clear and safe for parents and children.

We have received the information below in regards to colds, bugs and Coronavirus for our Local Authority - it is the time of year with weather changes where children will naturally have coughs and colds, please follow the advice below.

Colds, ‘Bugs’ and Coronavirus:

As we move into the winter months we will start to see lots of children presenting with runny noses, sore throat and other minor symptoms of colds or similar ‘bugs’. I would like to remind you will be looking for the three main symptoms of coronavirus as detailed on the NHS website with regards to any advice for a child to go home, isolate and get tested:

The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

Most people with coronavirus have at least 1 of these symptoms.

Please call 119 to arrange for a local test if you or your family have any symptoms of Covid-19 and notify school ASAP. Alternatively you can also access test from GOV.uk get a test website. Please let school know the result of COVID tests as soon as you receive them please.

Barnsley COVID 19 advice

E Safety

We will continue to deliver e-safety advice to all of our children throughout school and we have special focus weeks and days to look at issues in more depth.

As a parent it is always worrying when children have instagram accounts, facebook etc on their phones/ devices and that they can potentially at risk of sexual exploitation. We have had children in primary who have had offensive posts and requests for inappropriate personal photo's. We always encourage children to talk to adults in school or at home if they are worried about anything concerning their phone messages. Police are very good at listening and responding to any concerns as it may be linked to incidents on a bigger scale. School are happy to help parents with anything that they are concerned about.

There is alot of updated information on https://nationalonlinesafety.com who have posters for each App ( which seems to multiply at an alarmin rate) giving advice on how to keep children safe online.

Bagels in the morning

We have secured through magic breakfast a supply of bagels which all children through school are having either as they enter school or at morning breaktime on a daily basis for the Autumn and Spring term.

Dinner Menu

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