Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee 27 February - 6 March 2017

Happy Monday to you! Here's a quick update of what we're up to this week in the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee.

At tomorrow's meeting, our main item of business will be a discussion our draft report on the Climate Change Plan. This - and the rest of the meeting - will be in private so if you're tuning in at 9:30, expect a quick glimpse of action before the cameras go off at approximately 9:31 am. We will make up for it next week, though, when our sessions on the gender pay gap inquiry start - more details in next week's newsletter.

Speaking of the gender pay gap, from Wednesday we're trying something new when we launch our gender pay gap "selfies". We're asking you - yes, you! - to submit a photo of you answering the question, "Ending the #GenderPayGap matters because...".

As we mentioned last week, we've created a toolkit and a template you can use, or you can just write on whatever you have to hand. Please tweet us your images by 10 March (which is also the deadline for submitting written views). You can tweet your answer to us at @SP_Economy, or email it to us at Answers will feed into the Committee's report and could help inform the final recommendations to the Scottish Government. More information is available here (mobile friendly version) and on our website - please do get involved, and share with your contacts too.

Finally, last week we promised you some Pancake Day Eve goodness. As the Economy Committee, our interests lie beyond just the delicious aspect of pancakes and so here is a useful graph showing the cost of domestic pancake production around the world (with thanks to The Economist for taking this as seriously as we do).

One table we're pleased to be near the bottom of

Next, if you are planning on making your own tomorrow, this handy infographic from the BBC will keep you right:

How to make a pancake, in soothing blues and greens

While this does perhaps open a controversial debate on crepe vs American style - do let us know your thoughts - it leads us nicely to our final image. This neatly illustrates the make-up of pancakes around the world, reminding us of our differences and our similarities when it comes to these griddled delights.

Until next week, if life gives you a lemon, squeeze and add a sprinkle of sugar.

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