Amazon River Cameron Nickless

Located in South America and noted as the largest river in the world.
The lowest flood stage occurs in August and September, while the highest stage occurs in April and May. So each flooding is seasonal. Heavy seasonal rainfall, concentrated in the Eastern Andes and the Northwest area of the Basin, are responsible for the river level fluctuations throughout the year.
Flooding in the amazon river is drained into Brazil and then finally into the Atlantic Ocean as the basin at Brazil is known a sthe largest basin in the world. Not many methods are used to control flooding. Navigation and flood control is caused by the Three Gorges Dam in the Yangtze River.
Flooding could cause an ecosystem collapse as well as large ponds ir bodys of water being formed near river banks. Settlements and dams are damaged from immense flooding.
Not a whole lot of dams or settlements are built in direct conact with the Amazon river, to where they could be damaged permanently by flooding. Flooding will inflict harm on villages but not really to dams so settlements are the only things that would need repair.
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