How sports impacted society and the way people live in the 1920's By: James Fling

In the 1920's sports impacted every one from average people working on the street, to the mobsters that ruled the streets of Chicago.

The most influential baseball player of the time would officially put baseball on the competitive circuit along with boxing, and would finally brand the sport we all know today as America's game.

Ty Cobb, 1936

By being one of the most infential baseball players of all time, with records that have yet to come close to being broken, being able to finish seasons hitting over .400, and stealing hundreds of bases, Ty Cobb had an intensity for the game that will never be matched

From the moment Cobb stepped on the field he would change the way people interact in their daily lives whether it was talking about a new record he had set the night before, or waiting in huge lines at will call to get the best seats to see him play.

Not to say that Ty Cobb was the main reason for why sports was so influential in the daily lives of Americans in the 1920's but he was the reason for why the popular sport of that era became what it was, and most likely the reason for why our great national pass time is still here today.

Though the 1920's you can see the influx of tickets and attendance sold from all stadiums in the United States, not just Detroit's. This means more People were buying tickets to go to a game, this is the very begging of competitive sports culture here in America, and were fans would develop devout love to the ball club.

All in all sports culture would create rivalries between states, but also unite some for hatred of other teams. Sports culture would bring people closer together than ever, and we have a legend named Ty Cobb to thank for that.


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