Fox by: Margaret Wild and ron brooks

Section 1:

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Reason I chose this book: I chose this book because it looked interesting.

Section 2

Setting: cave in the forest

Section 3

Main Character: Magpie- The bird is nice and kind. The bird is nice by when she said to the dog "You're my wind and I'm your eye," and the bird is kind by when she trusted the dog and the fox.

Main Character: Dog- The traits of the dog are kind and nice. The dog is kind and nice because he made friends with the magpie, and the dog let the bird on his back.

Main Character: Fox- Mean and sneaky. I think the fox is mean and sneaky because he told the bird that he would give the bird a ride, but he tricked the bird and trapped the bird in the desert.

Section 4:

Magpie wanted to fly again but her wing was burnt and the dog was slow. she ran a way with fox and then fox tricked her and left her in a desert.

Section 5:

Don't turn your back on your friends because you will need them someday.

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